After the 16th round of the Chinese Super League, there was more than half of the championship and relegation suspense. There are still 4 teams to compete for the championship. 8 teams can start the training mode to prepare for the new season. The 4 first-year and second-year teams compete for the final Relegation seats. The next competition will undoubtedly be based on the fierce, championship group. The match between Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou Evergrande was considered the biggest focus of the semi-finals early. Guoan was the most controversial team in the second stage, and Guangzhou Evergrande It is the team with the best performance in the second stage, and relative encounters will inevitably produce different sparks.

在第16轮中国超级联赛之后,冠军和降级悬念占了一半以上。仍有4支队伍争夺冠军。 8个团队可以开始训练模式,为新赛季做准备。四个第一年级和第二年级团队争夺降级席位。下一届比赛无疑将基于激烈的冠军团体。北京国安和广州恒大之间的比赛被认为是半决赛初期的最大焦点。国安队是第二阶段争议最大的球队,广州恒大是第二阶段表现最好的球队,相对的遭遇不可避免地会产生不同的火花。

According to the schedule, the semi-final rounds of Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou Evergrande will be held on October 28 and November 2 respectively. For the upcoming decisive battle, Beijing Guoan received bad news early. The team has confirmed that the two main players were seriously injured. After Park Sung was seriously injured, the main U23 naturalized star Hou Yongyong also suffered heavy losses. Reporter Zhao Yu said that Hou Yongyong has returned to the first The second hometown of Norway undergoes surgery to treat his stubborn knee problem, and it is confirmed that he will not play for the rest of the season.


In preparation for the battle, Beijing Guoan welcomed good news. Augusto and Zhang Xizhe gradually returned to full state. Both confirmed that they could start the two decisive battles with Guangzhou Evergrande. The domestic media "Beijing News" revealed that Austrian In order to catch up with the key game of the second stage, Gusto gave up the opportunity to meet with his family during the offseason and gave the only place to visit relatives to the trainer, allowing him to quickly recover and get rid of the trouble of the previous strain .


It is worth mentioning that Genesio has already revealed that the team had already prepared for 2 decisive battles with Evergrande before the decisive battle against Shandong Luneng. For this reason, after joining the Super League team, he has scored 66 goals in all competitions. Golden Boot striker Alan was "sacrificed". Because Alan was a naturalized player loaned by Evergrande to Guoan, he was carrying evasion clauses on his back, which made Genesio put him into the cold palace in advance in order to break into the decisive lineup with Evergrande. The battle for Luneng fell into a bitter battle, and Genesio did not give Alan a chance.


Alan played 0 in the second stage. Judging from the two games between Guoan and Evergrande, this is obviously a long-planned. This season, Genesio seems to have been keeping an eye on the terms of Alan's avoidance of Evergrande. This is also the reason why Alan was unable to get the first serve reuse even in the first stage, even if he was in a hot state. The purpose was to reduce Guoan’s offensive reliance on Alan and to avoid the self-conflict side when facing Evergrande. Renessio did this. Obviously it is correct.


For the former Europa League Golden Boot striker Alan himself, the experience this season will obviously be more embarrassing. On the one hand, his state and ability are still at the peak, on the other hand, he has nowhere to do. The next development is also unfavorable. Alan needs more games to find his best form and help the national football team achieve good results in the world preliminaries. According to this situation, there is a high probability that Alan will be recalled after the end of the season!


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