Real Betis will sit at home at 3 a.m. Beijing time on October 19 to meet the challenge of Real Sociedad. Real Betis coach Pellegrini attended the pre-match press conference.

Real Betis将于10月19日北京时间凌晨3点坐在家里,应对Real Sociedad的挑战。真正的贝蒂斯教练佩莱格里尼参加了赛前新闻发布会。

Pellegrini talked about the striker's ball shortage, and he said he was not worried about it.


"I'm not worried that the forwards won't score, I only worry that the team won't score. Except for the game against Getafe, we scored every game. We scored two goals each for Real Madrid and Valencia. The defenses of the two teams are not easy to deal with. As long as I score a goal, I am satisfied with the team. If it is a striker who scores, it will increase their personal confidence. From my perspective, I am concerned about the ball. Did you score, not who scored it."


"Iglesias works hard, is in good condition, and has a sense of crisis like all strikers who have suffered a ball shortage. I believe he can show his best performance this season."


"Muron has been training with the team lately. Because of the impact of the new crown, he only started preparing for the game late this season. The situation in the past month is more complicated. He will get playing time in due course.


"Players have the right to defend their country. As long as they do a good job of standard protection on the round trip, the risk of infection is still relatively low."


"We formed a team based on the club’s financial situation. It is true that we did not buy too many powerful players, but we still brought some supplements. Real Betis has a united and strong team. Let’s see the final How far can you go."


"We are going to deal with Real Sociedad, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao one after another...but we can't think about winning this game. We can play that game with ease. Now we only consider this game against Real Sociedad, and then we will consider the next one after the game. We have no fear and we want to take all three points in every game."


"Miranda joined our work. He adapts quickly and does a good job. He has fully integrated into the team and he will be on the squad for this game.


"Rinz is a player I am very optimistic about. He is still very young and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the game, but he can give something different every time he plays. Rinz was in a bad condition before, so I have never had the opportunity to play with us. But I can guarantee that he will have his time this season in my plan."


"Judging from the past five games of Real Sociedad, they have performed very well. Real Sociedad has a skilled player like Merino, and also has a few strong forwards. Real Sociedad can definitely reproduce the performance of last season. , They are a great team."


"The Chilean team was too late in the game. I couldn't stay up and didn't watch it. However, I read a lot of comments after the game and communicated with some professionals. The Chilean team mainly had bad luck during the game, especially in Uruguay. That game, the team performed very well. I have full confidence in Rueda and his Chilean team. Rueda is an experienced and well-known excellent coach. I believe they can break into the World Cup. I hope the Football Association will give Rueda some more time. The game has just begun."


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