The world's leading sports brand PUMA has launched a new ULTRARIDE-ID dark night running shoes and all equipment for night running, and it will perform with runner Xu Guanghan. This series of products uses Runner ID reflective technology to improve the visibility of runners in low-light environments and provide a safer running environment. At the same time, the scientific and technological design also allows runners to quickly stand out in the dim night. The runners get more and more out of the night.

全球领先的运动品牌彪马(PUMA)推出了一款全新的ULTRARIDE-ID黑暗夜间跑步鞋以及用于夜间跑步的所有设备,并将与跑步者许光汉一起表演。该系列产品使用Runner ID反射技术来提高跑步者在弱光环境下的能见度,并提供更安全的运行环境。同时,科技设计还使跑步者能够在昏暗的夜晚迅速脱颖而出。跑步者越来越多地参与夜间活动。

Relevant data shows that in the absence of light, running at night can sometimes be one of the most dangerous sports in the world. In response to this phenomenon, PUMA's R&D team injected a safer product technology for night running-Runner ID reflective technology. Each product in this series uses 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material and PUMA’s exclusive dryCELL high-performance fabric to bring runners a full range of protection and create a more comfortable and stable running experience.


The ULTRARIDE-ID dark night running shoes equipped with Runner ID reflective technology still continue the product concept of the ULTRARIDE series of running shoes-on the basis of maintaining stability and support, the redundant sole structure is deleted to help runners lighten up and run out. interest. The PROFOAM LITE cushioning material in the midsole of the shoe and the PROPLATE advancing plate that penetrates the middle of the shoe body can ensure stability while also providing good cushioning and propulsion; and the reflective details of the Runner ID technology improve visibility and help running The runner better adapts to the night running environment and starts running at ease.

配备Runner ID反射技术的ULTRARIDE-ID黑暗夜跑鞋仍沿袭ULTRARIDE系列跑鞋的产品概念-在保持稳定性和支撑性的基础上,删除了多余的鞋底结构,以帮助跑步者减轻重量和跑出。利益。鞋中底的PROFOAM LITE缓震材料和穿透鞋中部的PROPLATE前进板可以确保稳定性,同时还提供良好的缓震和推进作用; Runner ID技术的反射性细节提高了可视性并帮助跑步。跑步者可以更好地适应夜间跑步环境并轻松自在地跑步。

Comfortable, lightweight and breathable running equipment is undoubtedly the biggest demand for runners in autumn and winter. In addition to Runner ID reflective technology to escort safe running, dryCELL high-performance fabrics are used to help keep the skin dry and comfortable during running. In addition, the mesh hollow design at the front and back helps to circulate the internal airflow and increase air permeability; the ergonomically designed tailoring highlights the beauty of the lines. In addition to all-round protection, the design is equipped with storage pockets for easy running. Store and take personal belongings at any time.

舒适,轻便和透气的跑步设备无疑是秋冬季跑步者的最大需求。除了Runner ID反射技lol赛事投注术可确保安全跑步外,dryCELL高性能织物还有助于在跑步过程中保持皮肤干燥舒适。此外,正面和背面的网状空心设计有助于循环内部气流并增加透气性;符合人体工程学的剪裁彰显线条的美感。除全方位保护外,该设计还配备了便于操作的储物袋。随时存储和携带个人物品。

Fear the dark night, stride to start, and break through the predicament of autumn and winter night running together! The new ULTRARIDE-ID dark night running shoes and full set of equipment will be on sale at PUMA’s designated retail channels from October 1st. You can also enter "PUMA official store" in the WeChat search box to enter the mini program, and follow PUMA official Learn more on Weibo and WeChat.

惧怕漆黑的夜晚,大步向前,冲破秋冬季夜晚一起奔跑的困境!新款ULTRARIDE-ID黑暗之夜跑鞋和全套装备将于10月1日起在PUMA指定的零售渠道发售。您也可以在微信搜索框中输入“ PUMA官方商店”以进入小程序,并关注PUMA官方了解有关微博和微信的更多信息。

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