lol赛事投注-F1| 马尔科博士:红牛4个席位已经确定3个


   Red Bull Racing consultant Dr. Marco revealed: 3 of the 4 driver seats for next season have been confirmed. Although the details of the seat were not disclosed, it is generally believed that Kvyat’s seat in the Toro Rosso will be replaced by Japanese driver Yuki Kakuda, who is supported by Honda, as Gasly’s teammate. The remaining doubtful seat is whether Alben can renew his contract. His performance has been criticized recently.

红牛赛车顾问马可博士(Dr. Marco)透露:下赛季4个驾驶买lol比赛的软件叫什么员座椅中的3个已经确定。尽管没有透露座椅的细节,但人们普遍认为,卡维的车手将由本田支持的日本车手角田由纪(Yuki Kakuda)取代托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso)的座椅。剩下的可疑席位是阿尔本是否可买lol比赛的软件叫什么以续签合同。最近他的表演受到批评。

   "We will determine the ownership of the fourth seat in Istanbul at the latest," Dr. Marco told Sport1. The date of the Turkish Grand Prix is ​​November 15th.


   German drivers Hokenberg and Perez are both potential candidates for the driver's seat, but Red Bull prefers to promote drivers from its own system. Hokenberg has stated during the Eifel Grand Prix that the possibility of a Red Bull seat is "very small".


   But Dr. Marko is still satisfied with Alben's performance. "At the Nurburgring, the gap between him and Verstappen is acceptable," he said. "If this performance continues, his seat will be safe in 2021. But the team cannot rely on one driver to compete World champion, this is very clear, competitiveness is the key."

但是马尔科博士仍然对阿尔本的表现感到满意。他说:“在纽伯格lol赛事投注林赛道,他和维斯塔彭之买lol比赛的软件叫什么间的差距是可以接受的。” “如果这种表现继续下去,他的席位将在2021年安全。但是车队不能依靠一位车手来争夺世界冠军,这很清楚,竞争力是关键。”



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