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The first time people met Liao Lei was at the National Games. At that time, as a defender of the Shandong team, he defended the honor of Shandong in the National Games-although he did not reach the finals, he will naturally receive attention from the Luneng youth training.


It's time for Weifang Cup and National Youth Team to appear again. As a player of the Luneng youth team, he was in the same class as Yang Yilin (now Meizhou Hakka) and Chen Guoliang (now Shenzhen player) for Luneng and Guoqing. Although sometimes sitting on the bench in the country, Liao Lei is still an important rotation player for the national youth coach-with his performance in two aspects, coupled with the cooperation between Luneng Youth Training and Jumilla of Spain, Liao Lei successfully stayed abroad and joined Murcia student team.


(Liao Lei in Luneng era)


(Liao Lei in the national youth era)

(Liao lei int和national youth而A)

Although in West C, life is not easy with Liao Lei's training. Taking training as an example, in addition to following the team's training and the technical and tactical training for Chinese players, Liao Lei and his brother will go to the power room 4 times a week. “I didn’t see Spain’s pass-and-control football. Instead, I realized how important physical training is. I didn’t know how important physical training is. Sometimes I train in the morning and evening, and I go to the strength room in the afternoon. I feel a little tired and uncomfortable in the practice, but I will enjoy it later.” Only the fingers that have been drained of blood will pop the world’s swan song; only after sweating, will there be amazing performances that make people’s eyes Yiliang.

尽管在C西部,廖磊的训练使生活变得不轻松。以训练为例,廖磊和他的兄弟除了跟随中国队的训练和中国球员的技术战术训练外,还将每周四次去动力室。 “我没有看到西班牙的传球与控球。相反,我意识到体育锻炼是多么重要。我不知道体育锻炼有多重要。有时我在早上和晚上训练,然后在下午去健身室。我在练习中感到有点累和不舒服,但是以后我会喜欢的。”只有流了血的手指才会弹出世界的天鹅之歌。只有出汗后,才会有令人惊艳的表演让人眼前一亮。

In the Murcia student team, Liao Lei scored a goal after making one appearance on the bench. He has also performed well in the national U19 league. In the following two seasons, Liao Lei successively represented the Murcia students and Los Garez to continue to participate in the Spanish League C. He played 30 games in West C, including 22 starts and scoring 1 goal. This only goal was quite dramatic.

在穆尔西亚学生队中,廖磊在替补席上露面后打进一球。他还在全国19岁以下联赛中表现出色。在接下来的两个赛季中,廖买lol比赛的软件叫什么磊先后代表穆尔西亚学生和洛斯·加雷斯(Los Garez)继续参加西班牙联赛C。他在西C队踢了30场比赛,包括22场首发进球1球。这个唯一的目标是非常戏剧性的。

It is a pity that this kind of fond memory was suddenly cut off when I returned to China. In this "crazy" summer for Shenzhen fans, Liao Lei seems to have become the "footnote" and "addition" in the "14-member group"-Dai Weijun has secured the U21 quota, Liu Yue and Zhang Yuan All have a chance to play. After spending nearly half a season, Liao Lei is naturally unwilling to "stuck in a stable" to join Xiangtao. This is an adventure, a challenge, and a growth.

很可惜,当我回到中国时,这种美好的回忆突然被切断了。在深圳球迷这个“疯狂”的夏天,廖雷似乎已经成为“ 14人组”的“脚注”和“加法”-戴维军已经获得了U21的名额,刘悦和张媛都有机会玩。在度过了近半个赛季后,廖磊自然不愿“陷在马stable里”加入湘涛。这是一次冒险,挑战和成长。

(Poster of Liao Lei joining Shenzhen)


For Xiang Tao, the joining of Liao Lei is undoubtedly adding another talent to the back line. Looking at the roster last season, none of the defenders were pure full-backs-Yu Tianzhu and others were just cameos, and Wang Chen finally took up his boots at the full-back position. His arrival can bring thickness to Xiang Tao’s defense on the wing; on offense, as the Murcia student team coach Alberto said when talking about Liao Lei, he is a fast player, double He can play skillfully with his feet, and his headers have improved a lot, but he lacks experience and aggressiveness-the style is biased towards Alfonso Davis’s Liao base, if necessary, he can be a winger, a midfielder or even a full back. It is Xiangtao's rare "magic oil" and "offensive X factor".

对于项涛来说,廖雷的加盟无疑为后排球队增加了新的天赋。看着上赛季的阵容,防守者中没有一个是纯粹的中后卫,余天柱和其他人只是客串,王晨终于在后卫位置拿起了靴子。他的到来可以为翔涛的侧翼防御增添力量;在进攻方面,正如lol赛事投注穆尔西亚学生队教练阿尔贝托在谈到廖雷时所说,他是一名快速球员,他的双脚可以熟练地踢球,而且他的头球进步很多,但是他缺乏经验和攻击性-风格是偏爱阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)的辽基地,必要时他可以是边锋,中场甚至是后卫。它是香桃难得的“魔油”和“进攻性X因子”。

Peng Beihai, Feng Chaoyang, and carrying books and swords on the road. Since the young man is ambitious, he will only take care of the storm. Rush, Liao Lei! People from Xiangtao are here!


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