lol赛事投注_F1| 倍耐力将在葡萄牙大奖赛测试2021款轮胎


   F1 tire supplier Pirelli has completed the formulation of the tire specifications for the 2021 season. At the Portuguese Grand Prix next weekend, Pirelli will arrange the 2021 tire test on Friday. This is also the only track test opportunity that Pirelli will get before finalizing the 2021 tire specifications.


   The FIA ​​has agreed to use the tires of the 2019 season specification until the 2021 season, and amend the aerodynamic rules to reduce downforce by about 10% in order to reduce the tire load. If the results of the Portuguese test next week are satisfactory, Pirelli still hopes to introduce an upgrade to the tire structure.


   The official deadline for modifying the tire structure is November 1. In theory, Pirelli cannot modify the tire structure again after this date. According to the rules, all teams and drivers are obliged to participate in this test, unless their car is damaged or mechanically malfunctions.


   In an interview with, Mario Isola, Pirelli’s F1 project director, said that they hope to use the new tires at lower tire pressures. "With the reduction in downforce levels, next year we hope that tires can work in a better way to reduce overheating."

倍耐力F1项目总监Mario Isola在接受Motorsport.com采访时表示,他们希望在较低胎压下使用新轮胎。 “随着下压力水平的降低,明年我们希望轮胎能够以更好的方式工作,以减少过热。”

   Pirelli’s test arrangement is: each team will get three sets of prototype tires for a 30-minute test. The test arrangement is that one driver uses two sets and the other driver uses one set of prototype tires. Pirelli provided the team with a test plan. Two cars completed the same number of laps, one car used two sets of tires, and one car used one set of tires to run long distances within 30 minutes.




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