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After a tragic fight, Inter Milan drew with Lazio, the first quiz of the new season, and handed over a tentatively qualified but not perfect answer. Inter Milan is now in a stage of "not complete", and it can be a good thing to encounter a small setback at this time.


Inter Milan has many highlights in the fierce battle with Lazio. The biggest highlight is of course


Some highlights also have strategic value. such as


But Inter Milan also exposed some problems. E.g


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Reasonable fans are well aware that Inter Milan cannot enter full speed immediately at this stage. On the one hand, with Vidal, Ashraf and other new players, it takes a while for Inter to find the most reasonable combination of players. It is normal for performance fluctuations during the trial period. On the other hand, the pre-season preparations for the new season are not sufficient. Inter Milan is up to 10 days and 3 games. The team's physical condition cannot be adjusted to the best. The proof is: After 3 rounds, Inter Milan ran only 106.2 kilometers per game. It is much less than the average of 112 kilometers last season, and the distance from the "full speed state" is not small.


But even so, after the 1-1 draw with Lazio, the media still criticized Conte. The criticism focused on one point:


After the game, Conte pointed out that the Nerazzurri lost to Lazio in the away game last season (that was the turning point that made the championship situation take a turn for the worse), and it is a good result to get 1 point here this season. The change of 3 forwards will bring a lot of uncertainty, if the score is behind, that's all, there is no need to fight like this at the moment of a tie. A series of remarks pointed out that Conte does not believe that Inter Milan has reached the stage where the Blue Eagles are "losing if they do not score 3 points". Under the premise that the team is not in the best condition, 3 rounds of 7 points started. He can accept it.

比赛结束后,孔戴指出,上赛季在客场比赛中,那不勒斯队输给了拉齐奥(那是转折点,使总冠军情况变得更糟),在这里得到1分是一个很好的结果季节。 3名前锋的变动将带来很多不确定性,如果比分落后,仅此而已,在平局之时无需像这样打架。一系列的评论指出,孔戴不相信国际米兰已经到达了蓝鹰队“如果他们不得到3分就输掉”的阶段。在球队没有处于最佳状态的前提下,开始了3轮7分的比赛。他可以接受。

But can Conte’s view be recognized by the public? Obviously not! Today's biggest problem for Inter is: every time the team's strength advances, the appetite and desire of the public opinion will advance two steps.


So far this season, the Nerazzurri have been in excellent condition. They have won 3 warm-up matches and 2 rounds of Serie A, and scored 28 goals in 5 games. In addition, several new players such as Ashraf and Vidal performed well, which greatly raised the expectations of the public opinion. The side effect of "increased appetite" is that overly optimistic and taken for granted emotions spread wildly again.

到目前为止,这个赛季的内拉祖里状态一直很好。他们赢得了3场热身赛和2轮意甲联赛,并在5场比赛中攻入28球。此外,阿什拉夫(Ashraf)和维达尔(Vidal)等几家新公司表现良好,极大地提高了公众舆论的期望。 “食欲增加”的副作用是,过于乐观和理所当然的情绪再次泛滥。

A typical example: the Champions League draw, Inter Milan and Real Madrid draw a group. Former Inter Milan captain Bergomi, who served as a guest on Italian TV, shouted the slogan "Now Inter Milan is better than Real Madrid, the goal should be the top of the group". Even if Inter Milan only played in the Europa League final not long ago, they lost to Sevilla, the third-placed player in La Liga who was 17 points short of Real Madrid; even if they returned to Real Madrid and failed to play the main force, Vidal, who was just a rotation in Barcelona, After arriving at Inter Milan, he was obviously a bit higher than the original players in the same position; even if Inter Milan last season, whether it was in the league or the European game, there were many problems with the top teams... But who cares about these iron facts? Bergomi's argument of "not looking at the La Liga champions" was even considered correct, wise and taken for granted by a large number of Inter fans!


At this time, Inter Milan really needs a small setback to make the team more calm and pragmatic. It is of course a good thing to have confidence and full momentum. But this kind of blind optimism, if it really spreads across the team, it will definitely cost the Nerazzurri.


Face the facts!


Inter Milan want to achieve results this season, there must be a premise:


After the FIFA competition cycle ends in the next two weeks, Inter Milan will start the devil's schedule for several months. The league will soon be the Milan Derby, and the Champions League fight will also sound. The situation is grim and fierce battles continue. At this time Inter Milan can't tolerate the slightest complacency and swelling. If the draw of this battle can really calm the public opinion community and stop shouting some unrealistic slogans; it can really make the Inter Milan general further realize how difficult the road ahead is, only to die hard... then maybe this cold water is not all bad thing.


No one commented, but quiet


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