Valencia will sit at home at 3 o'clock in the morning Beijing time to meet the challenge of Real Betis. Valencia coach Xavi Gracia accepted an interview from the media.

巴伦西亚将在北京时间早上3点坐在家里,应对皇家贝蒂斯的挑战。巴伦西亚教练哈维·格拉西亚(Xavi Gracia)接受了媒体的采访。

Harvey Gracia was not unexpectedly asked about signings.

没有意外地向Harvey Gracia询问有关签约的问题。

"It's very nervous. We have almost no time to enjoy the joy of the last victory, but it certainly boosted the morale of the team. Real Betis is a very strong team, and this game demands very High, I hope we can play at home. Pellegrini started well at Betis, but then faced some difficulties when facing Real Madrid and Getafe. Anyway, Pellegrini opened He is a good head. He is a very experienced coach with a very strong lineup. I am very happy to play against him."


"Regardless of how the opponent plays, we always stick to our tactical system. I always ask the team to remain motivated and aggressive. I also hope that the team can improve in possession of the ball, but sometimes facing opponents who like to press high. , The direct win is bigger. But Betis is different, they like to control and conduct in the midfield, they have a strong mid-range attack ability."


"Gedes is of course an important player, he will have playing time. I treat everyone's work as equal as possible. I don't want a player who has not played a game to be interpreted by the media as personally dissatisfied with him or He made some mistakes."


"I talked to Chairman Murphy on the plane before. We talked about the game and some other topics that we often talk about when flying on the plane, but in short, we never talked about transfers."


"Yes, as long as people are still alive, there is still hope. I just don't know how much hope is. I believe our team will be strengthened in the remaining days."


"I have never talked to Boss Lin. Actually, I really want to talk to Boss Lin about the current situation, but it seems that I didn't have this opportunity."


"I am the coach of Valencia. I am working for this club. I am very satisfied with the team's preparations. I work hard to help the team get key points in each game and try to keep the fans for this game. The team is proud. That's all I can say, I am performing my duty."


"I am not a freelance coach now. I am a Valencia coach. Every word I say represents the position of a club. I want to make the most of the available resources. Of course, this must be achieved on all lines. On the basis of consensus. If I have a lot of resources, that’s good. If I have few resources, then I have to plan carefully. As long as the lines communicate well and the goals are unified, there will be a good result."


"Yes, this situation is quite common. The team's results and performance will reflect the current situation of this club to a certain extent. I don't say how big the connection is. Anyway, my players are still very responsible. ."


"I don't know how likely this transfer is."


"I don't know if he is on the list of signings."


"I do not know."


"All the indicators must be set based on the actual situation. First of all, I have to be able to confirm who I can use to make plans this season. I think the goal should really be set higher, depending on the above, depending on it; If you take it, you can get it; if you take it, you won’t get anything."

“所有指标都必须根据实际情况来设定。首先,我必须确认我本赛季可以用来制定计划的人。我认为,根据以上情况,我确实应该将目标设定得更高。 ;如果接受,就可以得到;如果接受,就什么也得不到。”

"Vos can perform well in any position, he has the advantage of playing any position."

“ Vos在任何位置上都能表现出色,他具有在任何位置上都能发挥的优势。”

"I think they can gain a foothold in the first team. They are still young, but I am very satisfied with their performance in the game and their work commitment. They are great."


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