Original title: ONE Championship "Metal Storm" Wang Wenfeng: After waiting for so long, the opportunity has finally come!


"Metal Storm" Wang Wenfeng has attracted attention since signing the ONE Championship. As the number one superstar in the bantamweight class in China's kick boxing industry, Wang Wenfeng has a number of honors. He has not only won the Kunlun 61.5KG World Championship, but also won the country. Champion of Muay Thai Championship, Muay Thai Cup Muay Thai Champion, Muay Thai World Cup Champion, WMF World Muay Thai Champion, etc. At present, he is ranked sixth in the CombatPress World Free Fighting category.

自从签署“ ONE冠军赛”以来,“金属风暴”王文峰引起了人们的关注。作为中国拳击界最轻量级比赛中排名第一的超级巨星,王文峰获得了多项荣誉。他不仅赢得了昆仑61.5公斤级世界冠军,而且还赢得了全国冠军。泰拳冠军,泰拳杯冠军,泰拳世界杯冠军,WMF世界泰拳冠军等。目前,他在CombatPress世界自由格斗类别中排名第六。

After signing for the ONE Championship, the top fighting event in Asia, Wang Wenfeng's burden is even heavier. On November 16, 2019, at the "ONE Championship: The Years of the Dragon", Wang Wenfeng's debut hit the flyweight kick boxing world championship gold belt, and his opponent was champion Ilias Ennahaji. At the time, the 26-year-old Wang Wenfeng had a professional record of 40 wins and 7 losses, ranked 6th in the world in kick boxing, and his opponent Ennahaji ranked 7th in the world. This battle at the Cadillac Center in Beijing was a three-time battle between Wang Wenfeng and Ennahaji. The first two games each had one win and one loss. Therefore, many people thought that Wang Wenfeng could challenge and win the gold belt successfully, including Wang Wenfeng. Yourself.

签约亚洲最顶尖的格斗赛事ONE冠军后,王文峰的负担更加沉重。 2019年11月16lol赛事投注日,在“一个冠军:龙年”上,买lol比赛的软件叫什么王文峰的处女作击中了举重拳击世界冠军金腰带,他的对手是冠军伊利亚斯·恩纳哈吉。当时,现年26岁的王文峰的职业纪录是40胜7负,在跆拳道比赛中排名世界第六,而他的对手恩纳哈吉(Ennahaji)则排名世界第七。这场在北京凯迪拉克中心的战斗是王文峰和恩纳哈吉之间的三场战斗。前两局各赢一负。因此,包括王文峰在内的很多人都认为王文峰可以挑战并成功赢得金牌。你自己

After the game started, Wang Wenfeng lived up to expectations and performed very well. When he first came to the ONE Championship, he quickly adapted to the style of the ring. He matched Ennahaji in the first half and showed a clear advantage in the second half of the game. He has repeatedly attacked and suppressed Ennahaji. However, Ennahaji, as the defending champion, is more familiar with the ring of the ONE Championship. He wandered around, avoiding Wang Wenfeng's heavy punches, and was even warned by the referee once because of his passive play. The two fought fiercely in five rounds. In the end, Wang Wenfeng decided to lose the three battles between the two with a weak difference and regretted to miss the golden belt.


After this game, Wang Wenfeng was not discouraged. He said: "This is just my first game in ONE. I am grateful for the opportunity to challenge the gold belt. Through this game I realized that the international competition is really bad. Fighting, I need to continue to strengthen myself and make up for my shortcomings in order to get my own golden belt."




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