买lol比赛的软件叫什么|沉寂9个月后再遇强敌 韩子豪能否弥补2019年遗憾?


Original title: Can Han Zihao make up for the regret of 2019?


On October 16, Chinese boxer Han Zihao will make another appearance in "ONE: Domination of the Age II". His opponent is Malaysian star "Jordan Boy" Mohamed Bin Mohammed. This is 9 months since Han Zihao has played. The first game.

10月16日,中国拳击手韩子豪买lol比赛的软件叫什么将再次出演“ ONE:时代的统治”。他的对手是马来西亚明星“乔丹男孩”穆罕默德·本·穆罕默德。自韩子豪上场比赛至今已有9个月了。第一局。

Han Zihao is a well-known Chinese boxer in the Muay Thai world. He entered the national team at the age of 13 and went to Thailand to learn boxing alone at the age of 14. He has experienced starvation, beating on the floor, being discriminated against, playing less than 100 yuan, etc. After countless setbacks, Han Zihao finally made his mark in the Muay Thai world. In 2018, under the pure Thai rules, Han Zihao, the legendary Muay Thai king Peqibchu, the champion of TKO Thailand Lumpini and Ganannon, and nine-level champions under the pure Thai rules, thoroughly established his reputation in the Muay Thai session, and thus won the ONE Championship. The first Chinese male player to sign the ONE Super Series.

韩子豪是泰拳界的著名中国拳击手。他在13岁时进入了国家队,并在14岁时独自去了泰国学习拳击。他经历了饥饿,在地板上殴打,受到歧视,玩了不到100元人民币等。经历了无数次挫折之后,韩子浩终于在泰拳界崭露头角。 2018年,在纯泰国规则下,韩自昊,传奇的泰拳国王Peqibchu,将军澳泰国隆比尼和加南农的冠军以及在纯泰国规则下的9级冠军在泰拳比赛中树立了声誉,并且从而赢得了一个冠军。第一位签下ONE超级系列赛的中国男选手。

However, 2019 is a year full of regret for Han Zihao. Since signing the contract, with his excellent boxing skills, he finally won the opportunity to challenge Thailand boxing champion Nong'ao in February 2019 with three wins in three months. Unfortunately, the challenge finally failed. Immediately after the "ONE Championship: Chasing the Legend" on June 15 in Shanghai, Han Zihao showed a very good competitive state. With his eyebrows opened, he KOs the British player "Mad Dog" Andrew in 2 minutes and 36 seconds of the second round. -Miller. Because he knew that he had to fight more victories to avenge Nong'ao. However, in the November game against Kongsak, he failed again.

然而,对于韩子浩来说,2019年是充满遗憾的一年。自从签订合同以来,他以出色的拳击技巧最终赢得了在2019年2月以三个月的三场胜利挑战泰国拳击冠军农奥的机会。不幸的是,挑战终于失败了。在6月15日在上海举行的“一个冠军:追逐传奇”之后,韩子豪立即表现出了很好的竞技状态。他的眉毛张开,他在第二轮2分36秒时就将英国选手“疯狗”安德鲁(KO)击败了。 -磨坊主。因买lol比赛的软件叫什么为他知道必须为争取农奥报仇而赢得更多胜利。但是,在11月与Kongsak的比赛中,他再次失败。

In November 2019, 24-year-old Chinese boxer Han Zihao won the opportunity to play against the three-time Lumpini Muay Thai champion "Barbaric Left" Kongsak in the "ONE Championship: Top of Destiny" major event in the Philippines. Han Zihao attached great importance to this game, and even went to Zhengzhou to prepare for the game before the game, just to win the master who had defeated Nongao Gayanghadao and Peter Morakot.

2019年11月,24岁的中国拳击手韩子浩赢得了在菲律宾举行的“ ONE冠军:命运的顶峰”大型赛事中与三届隆比尼泰拳冠军“野蛮的左派” Kongsak比赛的机会。韩子浩非常重视这场比赛,甚至在比赛前去郑州为比赛做准备,只是为了赢得击败农高加央哈道和彼得·莫拉科特的大师。

However, due to the extreme cold in Zhengzhou at that time, Han Zihao, who had been training in Thailand all the year round, did not adapt. As a result, he had problems with his weight and urine tests before the match, and his physical reserves were insufficient. Han Zihao was in poor condition on the day of the match and eventually lost the match. Han Zihao recalled after the game: "What I regret most in 2019 was the game on November 8. I really prepared for that game for a long time. If I can adjust all aspects of my body to the best condition before the game, there will be Be sure to win the game."

但是,由于当时郑州的极端寒冷,一年四季都在泰国训练的韩子浩没有适应。结果,比赛前他的体重和尿液测试出现问题,身体储备不足。比赛当日,韩子浩状况不佳,最终输掉了比赛。韩子浩在赛后回忆说:“ 2019年最让我感到遗憾的是11月8日的比赛。我为这场比赛做了很长时间的准备。如果我能在赛前将身体的各个方面调整到最佳状态,一定会赢得比赛。”

It can be said that after signing for the ONE Championship, Han Zihao experienced the highlights of 2018 and the loss of 2019. Now, he has finally waited for the chance to play and meets a strong enemy again.


This time, Han Zihao’s opponent, Mohamed Bin Mohammed, is from a top Jordanian team. He started taking Muay Thai classes after graduating from high school and started his first match after only five months of training. Most of Mohammed's victories were obtained through KO opponents, he set an almost undefeated Muay Thai record, and also won the MuayFight featherweight world championship. The current record of Mohammed Bin Mohammed is 32 wins and 6 losses, while Han Zihao's Muay Thai record is 61 wins and 18 losses.

这次,韩自豪的对手穆罕默德·本·穆罕默德来自约旦顶级球队。高中毕业后,他开始参加泰拳课,仅经过五个月的训练便开始了他的第一场比赛。穆罕默德的大部分胜利都是通过KO对手获得的,他创造了几乎不败的泰拳纪录,还赢得了MuayFight轻量级世界冠军。穆罕默德·本·穆罕默德(Mohammed Bin Mohammed)的当前纪录是32胜6负,而韩子浩的泰拳纪录是61胜18负。

Facing a strong opponent, Han Zihao is more motivated because he has experienced a long period of hard training and reflection during the epidemic, and has strengthened his training in punching and technique. In 2020, his goal is to come out of the regrets of 2019 and restart his brilliant record.

面对强大的对手,韩子豪因为在流行病中经历了长期的艰苦训练和反思,并加强了对拳术和技术的训练,因此更加上进。 2020年,他的目标是摆脱2019年的遗憾,恢复辉煌的战绩。



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