3 goals lost to Chelsea, Manchester United stopped in the FA Cup semi-final, the record of 19 unbeaten matches in all competitions was passed. Facing an opponent who also uses three central defenders, Manchester United has encountered trouble in the promotion and offensive organization. The central midfielder combination has been under great pressure for a long time. Bailey’s injury forced Solskjaer to change to four defenders in the mid-game stage. The line of defense that had been struggling to support collapsed completely.


In the process of the new Manchester United gradually becoming an army, Chelsea has become the touchstone of this young team. The two sides played against each other three times in the League and League Cup, and Manchester United won all of them. Before this game, Lampard and Solskjaer's battle of words further escalated, and the Blues were simmering to complete their revenge on Manchester United on the FA Cup stage. To complete four kills against opponents of the same level in one season, the difficulty can be imagined. Solskjaer's formation and resilience have been severely tested.

在新的曼联逐渐成为一支军队的过程中,切尔西已经成为这支年轻球队的试金石。双方在联赛和联赛杯中三度交锋,曼联赢得了所有人。在这场比赛之前,兰帕德和索尔斯克亚的言语战进一步升级,蓝军s之以鼻,完成了在足总杯舞台上对曼联的复仇。要在一个赛季中完成对同等级对手的四次杀戮,难度可想而知。 Solskjaer的形成和弹性已经过严格测试。

The main work of the two coaches in the preparation stage is to choose the formation. Both sides used the 4231 formation in the first round. Chelsea played 433 in the next two games. Manchester United responded with a three-centre defender system and achieved good results. In order to prepare for the next two four key battles, Solskjaer arranged for Pogba, Greenwood and Martial to rest. The recently functioning 4231 was put on hold. The marshal hopes to continue the previous two duels by relying on three. The rhythm of the central defense system against the enemy.


From defeating Wolves and Lille at the beginning of the season to double-killing Tottenham before and after the winter break, Lampard's occasional use of the three-back system has always achieved good results. Prior to the three games, Manchester United made him realize that he must use it Killer move". Chelsea are the more active side after the opening. They rely on the frontcourt to get the dominance of the game, and attack around center Giroud.


In the previous 433 formation of the Blues, Manchester United was able to take advantage of the width of the defense to help resolve the opponent's high-position press. Manchester United's three frontcourt players have relatively loose room for activity. In the environment of the three-back/five-back mirrored dialogue, Manchester United could not establish an advantage on the wing. Rashford and James lacked interaction with the wing back, and the pressure was transferred to the central players.


Without the ability to pass and cut continuously, Manchester United can only rely on the personal ability of the star to complete the advancement. Pogba is absent, Matic and Fred both made mistakes in the face of pressure. Bruno Fernandez’s characteristic is not to help the backcourt players to relieve the pressure, which means that when Manchester United is under pressure, the preferred unlocking method is bigfoot. Long pass. Only when Chelsea's physical strength drops to relax and press, Bruno Fernandez can get the opportunity to easily turn around and launch an attack.

没有连续传球和切入的能力,曼联只能依靠这位球星的个人能力来完成晋级。 Pogba缺席,Matic和Fred面对压力都犯了错误。布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)的特点是不帮助后场球员减轻压力,这意味着当曼联承受压力时,首选的解锁方法是大脚怪。长传。只有切尔西的体力下降以放松和压迫时,布鲁诺·费尔南德斯才能获得轻松转身并发动进攻的机会。

Without dazzling breakthroughs, Bruno Fernandez is enough to win a starting position only with excellent passing and receiving, shooting and positioning kicks. The Portuguese has top-notch coordination and awareness of off-the-ball movement, but he can only act as a point of coordination in the anti-compression phase. If his teammates are not confident to play continuous coordination locally, his retracement will not have much effect.


Bruno Fernandez's power is more reflected in the frontcourt, solving the problem of the Red Devils' lack of confidence in the final pass and goal kick. When there are players like Pogba around, Bruno Fernandez can take advantage of the top non-ball runners and follow the striker as the second echelon in the counterattack. Bruno Fernandez is fronted by two speed-type forwards. Lampard arranged Azpilicueta and Rudiger to guard the sides. It is difficult for Rashford and James to rely on personal assaults to cut through the blues' defense.

布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)的力量更多地体现在前场,解决了红魔队对最后传球和进球的信心不足的问题。当周围有像Pogba这样的球员时,布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)可以利用非球类顶尖球员的优势,并跟随前锋成为反击中的第二梯队。布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)前面有两个速度型前锋。兰帕德安排了阿斯皮里库埃塔和鲁迪格,以保护双方。对于拉什福德和詹姆斯来说,依靠个人进攻来突破布鲁斯的防守是很困难的。

When Bailey was injured, Solskjaer replaced Martial with 4231 to try to strengthen the attack. This move is because on the one hand the Red Devils’ bench does not have a backup center back who can control the three-back system (Mensa played on the right wing, Wan Bi Saka closed in the middle, perhaps a move), on the other hand, Manchester United won in the mid-game stage. In order to gain control of the game, Solskjaer hopes to strengthen the front line, continue to burn the flames of the opponent's half, and ease the pressure on the backcourt.


In recent years, the three-back style has become popular in England, and Chelsea is undoubtedly the most successful one. The players are very familiar with the rules of this system. The passive change of Manchester United changed the offensive and defensive pattern. Chelsea seized the opportunity to complete a wave of rush attacks, continuously relying on the width of the formation to launch attacks from the side, and set the victory in one fell swoop.


In the four-back system, there are often breaks between Manchester United’s wingers and full backs. This is because Manchester United’s pursuit of speed in counterattacks and the offensive support method that quickly passes through the midfielder makes it difficult for the rear players to follow up in time. , On the other hand, because the stability of Manchester United wingback's handling of the ball needs to be improved, they and the wingers in front of them rarely pass the performance of breaking the game continuously. This situation is especially obvious when Luke Shaw is absent. Solskjaer encourages frontcourt players to freely change positions and form interactions in the middle, which to some extent exacerbates the disconnect.

在四后卫的体系中,曼联的边锋和后卫之间经常会出现断裂。这是因为曼彻斯特联队对反击速度的追求以及迅速通过中场的进攻支持方法使后方球员难以及时跟进。 ,另一方面,由于需要提高曼联边锋的控球稳定性,因此他们和前面的边锋很少能够连续突破比赛。卢克·肖(Luke Shaw)缺席时,这种情况尤其明显。索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)鼓励前场球员自由改变位置并在中场形成互动,这在一定程度上加剧了脱节的情况。

Chelsea did not choose to reclaim the backcourt after leading by two goals, but actively organized the frontcourt to press. In the backcourt stage, this team of Manchester United should not adopt the regular 4-2-3-1 position. Pogba and Matic are tall and turn slowly, and they are in front of the central defender. The risk is very high. One person needs to withdraw to the guard line and one person keeps moving to find the opportunity to attack with the ball.


Solskjaer set off a youth storm after taking office, but the team did not completely get rid of the shackles of the "Giant formation" during Mourinho. As the new trident is gradually taking shape, Matic and Pogba have returned to the main lineup. Manchester United can rely on a suffocating attack to suppress opponents in most games, but the rejection between the backcourt and the frontcourt Also gradually exposed.


In the face of Chelsea's low defense, Bruno Fernandez's passing has been restricted to a certain extent. Manchester United's most reliable attack weapon is Martial's personal breakthrough. Greenwood is not a right winger in the general sense. Passing and passing are not his strong points. Pushing a counterattack or dribbling the ball into the middle is his main style of play. While gradually moving towards the 9th position, the young man may also have to focus his attention on the midfielder, further enriching his ball approach at the age of fast "raising the ball".


The introduction of Maguire, Wan Bissaka and Bruno Fernandez with a lot of money to create an extremely efficient new trident, "activates" Pogba, and renews Matic. Solskjaer has created a new trident in just one season. The main lineup with good efficiency. Since defeating Tranmere in the FA Cup, Manchester United once maintained 19 unbeaten matches in all competitions, showing an extremely strong upward momentum.

用大量资金引进Maguire,Wan Bissaka和Bruno Fernandez来创建一个非常高效的新三叉戟,“激活” Pogba,并更新Matic。索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)在短短一个赛季就创造了一个新的三叉戟。主力阵容高效。自从在足总杯中击败特兰米尔以来,曼联在所有比赛中均保持19场不败的比赛,显示出极强的上升势头。

However, the reconstruction of the giants is not an overnight effort. It is inevitable to experience some repetitions and setbacks. In the past year, Solskjaer's team performed very well in the strong dialogue, which is inseparable from their relatively pragmatic game strategy. When there are more technical players in Manchester United’s starting lineup and more attention is paid to offense, how to ensure balance and make a choice between talented players has become a problem. Solskjaer needs to make a breakthrough at the conceptual level to be better. Lead this team to complete the leap from "competition for four" to "championship".

但是,巨人的重建不是一朝一夕的事。不可避免地会遇到一些重复和挫折。在过去的一年中,Solskjaer的团队在强有力的对话中表现出色,这与他们相对务实的游戏策略密不可分。当曼联队的首发阵容中有更多技术球员并且更多地关注进攻时,如何确保平衡并在才华横溢的球员之间做出选择就成为一个问题。 Solskjaer需要在概念上取得突破才能变得更好。带领团队完成从“四人制比赛”到“锦标赛”的跨越。

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