On June 16, 2019, at the Allianz Riviera Stadium in Nice, France, the manager of the Thai women's football team cried with joy holding the coach.


After losing 17 goals in a row, they finally scored the first goal of that World Cup.


"Seeing such a team humiliated by everyone scoring the first goal, seeing everyone celebrating with tears, it feels like they are already winners", some fans said after seeing this scene, they all Almost crying.


Speaking of winners, the manager who wept with joy is the real "winner in life."


For example, if you don’t say it, you might not even tell that she is 54 years old, 2 years older than the oldest Yi Nengjing in "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves."


She is Nuan Pan Lan San.

she is nu按pan LAN San.

On June 8, she posted photos on social media communicating with the players of the Thai-Hong Kong Club.

6月8日,她在社交媒体上发布了与Thai-Hong Kong Club玩家交流的照片。

Yes, she is the chairman of this Thai Super Club.


The relationship between her and football starts in 2008.


In 2008, Makudi became the chairman of the Thai Football Association. In order to promote the further development of women's football, he intends to hire a new football manager, and Nuan Phan Lan San has become the first choice because of his strong family background and excellent management ability.

2008年,马库迪(Makudi)成为泰国足球协会(Thai Football Association)的主席。为了促进女子足球的进一步发展,他打算聘请新的足球经理,而努潘潘兰散因其强大的家庭背景和出色的管理能力而成为首选。

Nuan Phan Lan thought twice and finally accepted the invitation to become the manager of the Thai women's football team. Under the leadership of Nuan Phan Lan San, the national support of the Thai women's football team has risen year after year, has more and more fans, and its strength has risen rapidly.


After taking office, Non-Phan Rangsan not only fully sponsored the Thailand Women’s Football League, but also promised that after retiring female football players, they can use their own resources to provide them with jobs. This move greatly enhanced the players’ enthusiasm and no worries. Their enthusiasm is unprecedented.

上任后,非潘朗桑(Non-Phan Rangsan)不仅全力赞助泰国女子足球联赛,而且还承诺,在退役女足球运动员之后,他们可以利用自己的资源为她们提供工作。这一举动极大地增强了玩家的热情,无后顾之忧。他们的热情是空前的。

On May 21, 2014, the 18th Women's Asian Cup play-offs kicked off in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The Thai women's football team defeated Vietnam 2-1. Following China, South Korea, Japan and Australia, they won the last Asian women's World Cup in 2015. Tickets, the Thai women's football rushed out of Asia for the first time.


To celebrate the whole country, Thai media called her the "Queen of Football."


In June 2019, after the Women's World Cup ended, Nang Phan Lan San stepped down as the manager of the Thai women's football team, but she still made a promise that she would continue to provide jobs for female football players.

2019年6月,女子世界杯结束后,南潘·蓝桑(Nang Phan Lan San)辞去了泰国女子足球队的经理的职务,但她仍然承诺将继续为女子足球运动员提供工作。

Thai Port, established in 1967, is the only Thai Super League team whose home stadium is in downtown Bangkok. It was once a veteran team in Thailand.

成立于1967年的Thai Port是唯一的泰国超级联赛球队,其主场馆位于曼谷市中心。曾经是泰国的老将。

In 2015, Taihua Insurance officially took over the Thai-Hong Kong Football Club. Nuanpan Lansan, who has been playing football for many years, became the chairman of the club.

2015年,泰华保险正式接管了泰港足球俱乐部。踢了很多年的Nuanpan Lansan成为俱乐部的主席。

When she first took over, the team lost money for years. She smashed money to save the team. In 2016, Thailand and Hong Kong returned to the Thai Super League. In the 2018 and 2019 seasons, she won the third place in the Thai Super League for two consecutive years. Last year, it was again after 10 years. Won the FA Cup.

当她第一次接任时,该团队多年来一直亏损。她砸了钱拯救球队。 2016年,泰国和香港重返泰国超级联赛。在2018和2019赛季,她连续两年在泰国超级联赛中获得第三名。去年,又过了十年。赢得足总杯。

Like the women's football manager, Nuan Pan Lan also took care of her players during the three games. She purchased health insurance and pension insurance for them, and arranged for players with poor financial conditions to enter her insurance company for part-time sales.

像女子足球经理一样,Nuan Pan Lan在三场比赛中也照顾过她的球员。她为他们购买了健康保险和养老保险,并安排财务状况不佳的球员进入保险公司从事兼职销售。

Her own insurance company is the aforementioned Taihua Insurance.


In March 1966, Nuan Phan Lan San was born in a Chinese family (the fifth generation Chinese) in Bangkok, Thailand.

1966年3月,Nuan Phan Lan San出生于泰国曼谷的一个中国家庭(第五代中国人)。

Her ancestor Wu Miaoyuan was originally from Nanxia Village, Songkou Town, Meixian County, Guangdong. She was poor at a young age and went to Shantou at the age of 18 to make a living. In the 1870s, Wu Miaoyuan crossed the ocean and moved to Thailand with her family.

她的祖先吴妙原来自广东省梅县松口镇南霞村。她很小的时候就很穷,十八岁的时候去汕头谋生。 1870年代,吴妙元越过大洋,与家人一起移居泰国。

After Wu Miaoyuan arrived in Thailand, he worked as a clerk in a hotel and as a helper in a timber shop. In 1901, he opened his own timber shop-"Guang Yuan Long" trading firm, and gradually became a well-known timber trader in Thailand.

吴妙元到达泰国后,在酒店当文员,在木材店当助手。 1901年,他开设了自己的木材商店“ Guang Yuan Long”贸易公司,并逐渐成为泰国著名的木材商人。

Because the family made great contributions to Thailand's finance and economy, Wu Miaoyuan was given the surname "Lan San" by King Rama V, which means "abundance".

由于该家庭为泰国的金融和经济做出了巨大的贡献,吴妙元被拉玛五世国王封为“ Lan San”,意为“丰富”。

Later, "Guangyuanlong Commercial Bank" was renamed "Lansan Forest Company", which was the only company operated by overseas Chinese at the time. After Wu Miaoyuan's death, his family members returned to their roots according to his wishes and sent his coffin to his hometown in Meixian for burial.


At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Sun Yat-sen went to Nanyang to propagate the revolution. While passing through Thailand, Wu Miaoyuan's son Wu Zuonan visited Sun Yat-sen to assist in the establishment of the "Chinese Club" to unite the vast number of overseas Chinese and support the revolution.


Wu Zuonan is enthusiastic about public welfare, and he has donated many times to repair and run schools in Meixian, his ancestral home. In 1903, he bought a large amount of Thai rice and shipped it back to Meixian for disaster relief. Regrettably, he was assassinated in his private residence in 1939 when he was only 60 years old.

吴作男热衷于公益事业,他多次捐资修复和经营祖先梅县的学校。 1903年,他购买了大量泰国大米,并将其运回梅县进行disaster灾。遗憾的是,他在60岁时于1939年被暗杀。

The Lansan family’s industry has grown bigger and bigger, expanding into the rice milling industry, rice industry, insurance industry, and bus industries.


In 1945, Wu Binglin, the grandson of Wu Miaoyuan, founded the Thai Hua Farmers Bank (later renamed Kaitai Bank). After decades of development, Kaitai Bank has become the second largest bank in Thailand.


"Wu Family" has also become a giant in Thailand's financial and insurance industry. Many members of the family are the big names in the Thai economy.


Nang Phan Lan San’s father, Potipon Lan San, was the chairman of the Thai Chinese Life Insurance Company and the deputy party leader of the Thai Democratic Party; his younger brother Sara Lan San is the CEO of Thai Chinese Life Insurance Company and his younger sister Wang Naphong Lan The third is the CEO of PLandscape garden design company in Bangkok.

Nang Phan Lan San的父亲Potipon Lan San是泰国中国人寿保险公司的董事长和泰国民主党的副党魁。他的弟弟莎拉·兰桑(Sara Lan San)是泰国中国人寿保险公司的首席执行官,他的妹妹王纳普兰·兰(Wang Naphong Lan)是第三位,是曼谷PLandscape花园设计公司的首席执行官。

His cousin Bantun Lansan (Chinese name Wu Wantong, Wu Berlin's grandson), is also a Thai banking giant and is currently the CEO of Kaspersky Bank. In the 2019 Forbes Rich List, he ranked 30th in Thailand with a fortune of 1.2 billion US dollars.

他的堂兄Bantun Lansan(中文名称为Wu Wantong,是Wu Berlin的孙子),也是泰国银行业巨头,目前是卡巴斯基银行的首席执行官。在2019年福布斯富豪榜上,他以12亿美元的财富在泰国排名第30位。

Bantun Lansan is also a patriotic overseas Chinese and a witness of Sino-Thai friendship.

班端·兰桑(Bantuan Lansan)也是爱国华侨,也是中泰友谊的见证。

It is said that Wu Wantong likes to drink Chinese liquor the most, and he likes to read "The Analects". On both sides of his office door are the Chinese Dunhuang flying watercolor paintings. In addition to the portraits of the Thai royal family that must be hung in the office, his eyes are full of Chinese flavor. Decorations and crafts.


Born into such a wealthy family, Nuan Pan Lan San’s starting point is already the end that many people cannot reach in their entire life.

出生于这样一个富裕的家庭的Nuan Pan Lan San的起点已经是许多人一生都无法触及的终点。

Nangpan Rangsan High School graduated from Pathumwang Demonstration High School of Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand, and then received a Bachelor of Marketing from the School of Business and Accounting at Chulalongkorn University. Because of her outstanding family background and outstanding looks, she had Known as "Zhu Daxiaohua".

Nangpan Rangsan高中毕业于泰国Srinakharinwirot大学Pathumwang示范高中,然后获得朱拉隆功大学商业与会计学院的市场营销学士学位。由于她杰出的家庭背景和杰出的外表,她被称为“朱大孝华”。

After graduating, she went to study in the United States, studying management at Boston University, and got a master's degree. While studying in the United States, she spent more time studying management and financial knowledge.


In 1992, Nuan Phan Lan returned to China after studying, but she did not directly enter the family business, but went to work in an advertising company.

1992年,Nuan Phan Lan在学习后返回中国,但她没有直接进入家族企业,而是去了一家广告公司上班。

In 1996, she opened a clothing factory and a famous brand agency. In 1997, she won the sole agency of Hermes in Thailand.

1996年,她开设了一家服装厂和一家知名品牌代理机构。 1997年,她赢得了爱马仕在泰国的独家代理商。

In 2000, the original Taihua Insurance Group was divided into two subsidiaries, namely Taihua Life Insurance and Taihua Property Insurance. Under the strong request of the family, Nuan Pan Lansan entered the family business and served as the vice chairman of Taihua Life Insurance Company. Three years later, he became chairman.

2000年,原太华保险集团分为太华人寿保险和太华财lol赛事投注产保险两个子公司。在家人的强烈要求下,Nuan Pan Lansan进入了家族企业,并担任太华人寿保险公司的副董事长。三年后,他成为董事长。

Thailand Life Insurance is the first life insurance company in Thailand appointed by the late King Rama IX. Therefore, all the company documents are printed with Garuda, a symbol of the royal symbol.


In such a family situation, she naturally has to deal with everywhere.


In January 2006, Nuan Phan Rangsan was elected as the assistant secretary-general of the Democratic Party of Thailand; in March 2006, Nang Phan Rangsan was appointed as the secretary to the mayor of Bangkok; in addition, she also served as an advisor to the Chairman of the Legislative Yuan of Thailand, Lithuania’s resident Honorary Consul of Thailand.

2006年1月,Nuan Phan Rangsan当选为泰国民主党助理秘书长; 2006年3月,Nang Phan Rangsan被任命为曼谷市长秘书。此外,她还担任立陶宛驻泰国名誉领事泰国立法院院长的顾问。

In 2019, she won the "Political Current Affairs Award of Thailand's Man of the Year", which is the second time she won Thailand's Man of the Year after 2015.


Nuan Phan Lan San had a failed marriage with Dr. Wachar Nachai, Chairman of the SSC Company. The two had a daughter, and she remained single for many years.

Nuan Phan Lan San与SSC公司董事长Wachar Nachai博士的婚姻失败。他们两个有一个女儿,她单身多年。

In 2012, Nuan Phan Lan San met with General Nale Savadanan, director of the Freedom Rights Protection Bureau of the Ministry of Justice of Thailand. After two years of dating, the wedding was held in a low-key January 2014.

2012年,Nuan Phan Lan San会见了泰国司法部自由权利保护局局长Nale Savadanan将军。经过两年的约会,婚礼在低调的2014年1月举行。

Earlier this year, a Thai fashion website released a set of 31-year comparison photos with the title:


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