The Chinese Super League has already entered an aging stage, and clubs are worrying about the replacement of new and old. Only Guangzhou Evergrande’s lineup is gradually improving. On the one hand, Evergrande has begun to cultivate youth training, and on the other hand, it is the team's supplement. Entered a group of young international players, and also acquired a group of naturalized players, and finally got rid of the situation of being unreliable in two years.


This season, Guangzhou Evergrande continued to promote young players, and smoothly tapped the potential of 7 new talents. This season, 7 young players showed sufficient strength to gain a foothold in the Super League and replace the old group of international players, namely Wei Shihao, Yang Liyu, Xu Xin 7 people, Liao Lisheng, He Chao, Gao Zhunyi, and Wu Shaocong, all of whom have demonstrated excellent competitive state and personal abilities this season without exception, representing the hope of Evergrande in the future.

本赛季,广州恒大继续提拔年轻球员,并顺畅地挖掘了7名新人才的潜力。本赛季,有7位年轻球员表现出了足够的实力,可以在超级联赛中站稳脚跟,取代魏世豪,杨立宇,徐欣7人,廖立胜,何超,高准仪和吴少聪等老牌国际球员。 ,所有人在这个赛季都表现出了出色的竞争能力和个人能力,无不代表着恒大未来的希望。

The forward Yang Liyu and Wei Shihao were successfully tapped by the Kashuai last season and their ability improved very quickly. Wei Shihao directly scored 11 goals and 6 assists last season, ranking among the top scorers in the Chinese Super League. This season, he scored 6 goals in 5 rounds. Continue Crazy performance, just because of injury troubles that failed to hit the Golden Boots; Yang Liyu has ups and downs in state, but still has 3 assists this season, the ability to handle the ball and one pass is a must.


The midfield line is the biggest gain of Evergrande this season. Because Xu Xin, Liao Lisheng, and He Chao all performed stably, Zheng Zhi can finally retreat. He Chao has 1 goal this season and Xu Xin has 2 assists. Liao Lisheng also had an assist. The three players have complementary offensive and defensive abilities. Although they can't play Zheng Zhi's role alone, they can already replace Zheng Zhi by taking turns or choosing two players depending on the situation.


In the defense line, Micro Motion Wing and Wu Shaocong are equally eye-catching. Micro Motion Wing's cameo as the left back once made people shine. His attributes are obvious, but he cannot be expected to show a stable offensive performance at the left back position; Wu Shaocong strengthened Heng. With great high-altitude defensive ability, Wu Shaocong's performance in holding Longdong is impressive. Therefore, from the perspective of the overall development of the team, Evergrande’s third-line lineup is picturesque and has created a youthful style that can make other Super League teams eye-catching.


Behind the seven new stars that have tapped the potential, Kashuai’s "training" still has five major regrets, namely Hu Ruibao, Liu Yiming, Deng Hanwen, Yan Dinghao, and Zhang Xiuwei. The first two were directly abandoned by Kashuai. There was no chance for a game this season. Deng Hanwen only got the chance to play in the final rounds of the first stage, and his performance continued to be sluggish. Yan Dinghao has been in no state after returning from a serious injury. He has 0 goals and 0 assists in 10 games this season. The game has an average rating of 6.15 points per game. Called a catastrophic performance, Zhang Xiuwei did the same, with no achievements in 9 games. Therefore, the training tasks for the second stage of Kashuai are still heavy.


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