Roger Guerrero played for the Polish national team from 2008 to 2011. He is the second naturalized player in Polish football history. Guerrero recently accepted an interview with Polish media Onet Sport and talked about his current difficulties in Brazil.

罗杰·格雷罗(Roger Guerrero)从2008年至2011年为波兰国家队效力。他是波兰足球历史上第二位入籍球员。格雷罗最近接受了波兰媒体Onet Sport的采访,并谈到了他目前在巴西遇到的困难。

This is very difficult. I'm not only referring to the number of infections, but also people's attitudes. Many Brazilians do not respect these restrictions. They do not maintain social distancing and do not pay attention to safety. I understand that some people have to work to support their families. But many people go to shops, restaurants and bars, and many people go to the beach on weekends. Only recently have people paid more attention to safety guidelines. I don't know what's going on, I don't want to pay for others. Someone said angrily this week that his child should not go to school because it is dangerous under the epidemic. On weekends, he ran to a crowded beach. I don't understand this at all.


The politicians are divided. President Bolsonaro downplayed the incident and said that we should operate normally. It emphasizes that we must consider economy and money. The governor of São Paulo, Doria, has a completely different attitude towards this issue, saying that people should avoid going out. The disadvantage is that the epidemic has become a tool of political struggle. Fortunately, medical services have improved. The hospital was full a few months ago, but now that the shelter hospital is built, the situation is not so severe.


I am always like this. If something directly affects us, we will be more sensitive. I did not get the new crown, but my mother-in-law and brother-in-law did. After the symptoms appeared, my brother-in-law even experienced breathing problems, and they could only receive treatment at home. Fortunately, 15 days later, my relatives overcame the virus and are currently in good condition. I went through a very difficult period this year, not only because of the epidemic.


In March, my mother had a stroke. She stayed in the hospital for a month and a half, but unfortunately she passed away. I have experienced many things, and that was one of the worst moments in my life. You can say that I haven't gotten over, sometimes I cry, but I'm all alone. After all, I have children, and I can't let them see my weakness. I must be strong for them. This is difficult because there are so many misfortunes. Mother is gone, the epidemic... plus I have conflicts with my brother.


He is a drug addict. When my mother passed away, he was living on the street. I took care of him and he is now receiving treatment in the clinic. In fact, this problem has been going on for a long time. He became addicted to drugs when he was thirteen or fourteen. Today he is forty years old. I have tried many times to get him out of drug addiction, but the result is always the same. After the treatment, he returned to the street from the clinic and started taking drugs again. For me, this is also a very difficult situation. My brother is different from me. He has nothing to do with football.


When the epidemic broke out in March, I was closed for two and a half months. This is very difficult financially, because during this time, I did not make any money from this job. We continue to train later, we start from individual courses and group exercises, and we comply with safety guidelines. Everyone took their temperature. Due to the epidemic, not all children come to class. Many parents told me: "Roge, we decided to wait for the epidemic to pass, and we will not let our son train for the time being." Of course, this is for personal reasons. In this case, it is difficult for me to convince people to come to class. Like everywhere in the world, many people in Brazil work from home, but I have no choice but to leave home. I can do nothing about this kind of work.


I have been in contact with Kamil Grosicki and Jakub Rzeźniczak on social media, but that's all. It has been a long time since my last visit to Poland. Since I ended my career, my life has changed a lot. I am following the results of the Polish national team and Warsaw Legia, but my contact with my former friends has ceased. To be honest, I miss Poland sometimes. Memories related to this country are wonderful. When I played for Legia and the national team, I had those wonderful moments. The atmosphere in the stands was lively. I was competing for the trophy and I also scored a goal in the European Cup. In addition, Warsaw is a great city. I don’t speak ill of Poland. People are very friendly to me.

我在社交媒体上一直与Kamil Grosicki和JakubRzeźniczak保持联系,仅此而已。自从我上次访问波兰以来已经有很长时间了。自从我结束职业生涯以来,我的生活发生了很大变化。我正在跟踪波兰国家队和华沙莱吉亚的比赛结果,但是我与前朋友的联系已经停止。老实说,我有时会想念波兰。与这个国家有关的回忆是美好的。当我为Legia和国家队效力时,我度过了美好的时光。看台上的气氛很热闹。我当时正在争夺奖杯,并且还在欧洲杯中打进了一球。此外,华沙是一座伟大的城市。我不会说波兰的坏话。人们对我很友好。

Yes, but not just me. Many Brazilians ask me what it's like to play with Lewandowski. I am proud to have played with such a player, and I am very happy that his career has developed into this way. In my opinion, this year he is the best player in the world, surpassing Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. Although a long time has passed, I remember that I was a participant in the first goal of his national team. I passed the ball to Vojtkowiak, who passed into the penalty area from the wing, where Lewand waited for the ball. It was a game against San Marino, and it was really a good memory. Lewandowski is not only a great player, but also a great man.


To be honest, I dream of returning to Poland. Of course, moving completely is a very difficult decision. I have a family and I have to think about it. My son is five years old and my daughter is celebrating her eighth birthday today. To move, I must get a job from Poland. No matter how long I stay in this country, after the epidemic, I am willing to go there with the people I love. I don't know when it will happen, but it is definitely on my to-do list.


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