买lol比赛的软件叫什么-被打成筛子?"上港二队"斗志顽强 大变阵一举多得


   The Shanghai SIPG team did not draw a successful end to the finale of the first stage of the Super League last night. In the unfavorable situation of being punished shortly after the opening, the team lost 0 to 1 to Chongqing Modern, and ended the two-month journey in Suzhou with a defeat.


   But in the case that he has already won the first place in the competition, basically all the main players are rotated, and the result of the loss is not unexpected. In the long run, the courage of the head coach should also be praised for the courage of the head coach to boldly rank the 11-man starting lineup of the all-China class.


   Lineup changes


   Hong Kong played in Chongqing Modern's starting lineup last night, which can be said to be the biggest change in the history of the team since its establishment.


   Hulk and Oscar and other five major foreign aids, none of them played, all sitting on the bench. Head coach Pereira assigned an all-China class of 11 people. It's nothing more than zero foreign aid, even the local players have made a big move. National gate Yan Junling and Wang Shenchao, He used to, Fu Huan...the main players of these iron fights are all hidden, and Yu Rui, Lin Chuangyi, Cai Huikang, Yu Hai, Zhang Wei, Lei Wenjie, etc., who have not had much chance to play before, all start. The 22-year-old young goalkeeper Chen Wei ushered in his first chance to debut in the Super League.

绿巨人和奥斯卡以及其他五名主要外援,他们都没有坐在板凳上。主教练佩雷拉(Pereira)分配了11人的全中国班。这无非是零外援,甚至本地球员也迈出了一大步。国门严俊玲和王申超,他过去,付欢...这些铁打的主要参与者都被藏起来了,还有于锐,林创义,蔡慧康,于海,张炜,雷文杰等,之前没有太多机会玩的人,都开始了。 22岁的年轻门将陈伟迎来了他首次登上中超联赛的机会。

   From the perspective of staffing, the starter like this last night, I am afraid that even the "Shanghai SIPG Second Team" cannot be counted. People can't help but squeeze sweat: Can this work? Will you be sieved by your opponent?


   do multiple things in one fell swoop


   Less than 20 minutes into the game, defender Zhang Wei was sent off by the referee with a red card for a foul at the front of the penalty area. The SIPG team suddenly fell into a 10-man battle. A fiasco is coming.

比赛进行不到20分钟,后卫张炜被裁判罚出红牌,在禁区前方犯规。 SIPG团队突然陷入10人之战。一场惨败即将来临。

   However, the SIPG team, which is dominated by the bench lineup and young people, has shown rare composure. Facing the three highly aggressive Chongqing team foreign aids, Fernandinho, Marcinho, and Sirino, they played quite tenaciously and basically did not give them a good opportunity. If it weren't for the misplacement of the set ball, they could even draw against the powerful Chongqing.


   Such a bold lineup adjustment is actually "multiple actions". First of all, let the main players who have basically played the previous game get a rest; second, it can also give players who have fewer opportunities to play on the bench more opportunities to exercise, otherwise some players will be "closed" in Suzhou for more than two months , Did not play for a few minutes.


Regardless of the overall situation, more local young players have been given valuable opportunities for practical training, as Pereira said after the game: "I see the players' efforts on the court today, thank them for their efforts." Our reporter Guan Yin


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