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2020 season


The first stage of this season's Super League came to an end on September 30. Discussions surrounding various topics of the game still made football inside and outside. One of the more interesting topics is the referee's penalty in the Super League.


Affected by the epidemic, the Chinese Super League has adopted a centralized competition system this season, and when foreign referees are unable to come to China to assist law enforcement due to various objective factors, local referees, especially some young local referees, have been pushed onto the Chinese Super League law enforcement arena. Forefront. They showed a good spirit and confidence in the law enforcement process, but some referees were affected by "limited actual combat experience, insufficient control of the changes in the rules, and lack of clear understanding of the standard of punishment", etc., which appeared in the actual law enforcement process of the Super League. A certain number of wrong and missed judgments, and part of the penalties also caused controversy and dissatisfaction with the contestants due to changing the results of the competition. As the schedule progresses, the refereeing work of the Super League this season is the same as in previous seasons, which has aroused public attention and controversy.


Combining with the various referee penalties exposed in the first stage of the competition, some clubs and related parties have called for foreign referees to be re-appointed in the second stage of the Chinese Super League to ensure the fairness and justice of the competition, especially the competition of major competitive interests. .

结合比赛第一阶段面临的各种裁判处罚,一些俱乐部和相关方呼吁在中国超级联赛第二阶段重新任命外国裁判,以确保比赛的公正性和公正性,特别是主要竞争利益的竞争。 。

Recently, some Chinese and foreign media have exposed rumors about the Chinese Football Association inviting foreign referees. According to Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter verification, the Chinese Football Association does have a similar plan. However, while striving to improve the enforcement of domestic professional leagues, the Chinese Football Association also deeply feels the great responsibility of "improving the professional level of local referees and expanding the camp of excellent local referees".


In fact, before the start of the Chinese Super League this season, the relevant leaders of the Chinese Football Association encouraged the local referees to "strive themselves" at the referee mobilization meeting of the league. Although in practice, some referees still have "problem judgments" due to their own professional ability, learning, and level of understanding, but in the long run, the development of Chinese football includes the improvement of referees' ability to enforce the law. With the help of external forces. In other words, the majority of local referees should follow the example of high-level foreign referees and keep making progress, so as to achieve a strong business level.


It is understood that it is also taking into account the "fairness of the league judgment and the growth of local referees" that even if the Chinese Football Association invites foreign referees to enforce the second stage of the Super League, its invitation "


It is worth noting that, also affected by the epidemic, even if the Chinese Football Association intends to invite foreign referees, it still needs to see whether specific objective conditions can meet the needs. For example, at present, foreigners entering the territory of my country must undergo isolation and observation for no less than 14 days. Even if foreign referees are allowed to enter the country, it is doubtful whether the various training preparations before law enforcement can be carried out normally. Inviting "foreign whistle" requires communication with relevant international football organizations and member associations, as well as the referee's own wishes.


In addition, the current international travel conditions are also limited. Before that, including


The Chinese Football Association has improved the enforcement of referees in the Chinese Super League. In addition to relying on "external forces", it also pays special attention to assisting local referees in "repairing internal strength." During the National Day holiday, the Chinese Football Association arranged for referee lecturer Tao Ran to take a class on refereeing rules as a national men's football team training in Shanghai. In class, Tao Rancheng also made a detailed interpretation based on examples of controversial penalties encountered by the internationals in the first stage of the Chinese Super League and their misunderstanding of some of the rules. And similar rules announcements have been carried out many times in the internal communication and learning of the referees of the Super League.


Referees for the second stage of the Chinese Super League are required to be stationed in the competition area 2 days before the start of the game. Since among all the referees currently qualified for law enforcement in the Super League, there are only three professional referees: Ma Ning, Fu Ming, and Zhang Lei, most of the other referees are affected by “part-time jobs” and need to ask for leave from their unit. It should be said that in order to do a good job in the league law enforcement, the majority of referees have paid a lot.


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