In Shanghai, there are two old-brand literary publications, one is "Sprout", which symbolizes the break-through of young writers, and the other is "Harvest" which announces the birth of mature writers.

在上海,有两种老牌文学出版物,一种是“ Sprout”,象征着年轻作家的突破,另一种是“ Harvest”,它宣布了成熟作家的诞生。

Twenty years ago, "Sprout" launched a new concept composition contest, and young literary people scattered all over the country came to the fore and became a new shoot in the literary world.


It must start with the "resistance" of a Chinese teacher.


"The description of this article is piled up, lacking in artistic conception, making people unable to recall, and the full text can not find impressive and wonderful things." In the summer of 1995, a high school Chinese teacher named Wang Li was giving a lecture, she commented It is the prose "Mount Tai in the Rain" published in "People's Literature" by Li Jianwu, a famous modern Chinese literary master in 1961.

“这篇文章的描述很堆积,缺乏艺术意味,使人们无法回忆,全文也找不到令人印象深刻和奇妙的事物。” 1995年夏天,一位名叫王丽的高中汉语老师在讲课,她说这是1961年中国现代文学大师李建武在《人民文学》上发表的散文《雨中的泰山》。 。

The classmates below are all blindfolded, and everyone wonders if their ears have misheard them.


At the same time, Wang Meng, the former Minister of Culture and the author of "Long Live Youth", was frowned by a Chinese exercise by his grandson. The question is: Which of the following statements is correct?


The same distressed, there is also the famous screenwriter Zou Jingzhi, whose daughter's "ballpoint pen dancing on paper" written by her daughter at a young age was crossed by the teacher. He was worried that her daughter would never be able to write such sentences anymore.


Two years later, Wang Li, who left the middle school campus with endless disappointment, published an article "Middle School Chinese Teaching Notes" in "Beijing Literature". This article that tells the heart of thousands of Chinese teachers has not only ignited the education sector’s understanding of middle school Chinese The discussion of teaching reform has also changed the fate of a literary publication in Shanghai.


This publication was "Sprout", and it was almost out of salary at the time.


In 1996, the youth literary magazine "Sprout" was founded for 40 years, and its sales dropped from more than 300,000 copies at its peak to only 10,000. In order to make ends meet, Li Qigang, editor of "Sprout", practiced selling children's clothing in his spare time. In order to increase sales, the newly appointed editor-in-chief Zhao Changtian printed a photo of popular star Fan Zhiyi on the cover.

1996年,青年文学杂志“ Sprout”成立了40年,其销量从高峰时的30万多册下降到了1万册。为了收支平衡,《新芽》(Sprout)编辑李其刚在业余时间练习出售童装。为了增加销量,新任命的总编辑赵长田在封面上印了一张人气明星范志毅的照片。

After reading Wang Li's article, "Sprout" also launched its own special topic "How to do education". Readers' enthusiastic feedback made Li Qigang faintly feel that something is about to change.


Li Qigang told Zhao Changtian that we should organize a competition, cooperate with famous universities, invite first-class writers to be judges, and find a way for children who love to write beyond the college entrance examination. It can also send excellent liberal arts talents to the university.


In the early autumn of 1998, 15-year-old Guo Jingming was studying in junior high school in his hometown of Zigong, and began to read Gu Long and Jin Yong's martial arts novels; 16-year-old Han Han entered high school, he solemnly introduced to the class: From now on, Songjiang No. 2 Middle School Writers, I call them second, no one dares to call first. The 18-year-old Liu Jiajun is preparing for the college entrance examination in the physics class of the third year of high school, and secretly hopes to experience the taste of puppy love before the end of high school.

1998年秋初,十五岁的郭敬明在故乡自贡的一家中学读书,开始读顾龙和金庸的武术小说。 16岁的韩寒进入高中时,郑重向班上介绍:从现在开始,松江第二中学的作家,我叫他们第二,没人敢叫。 18岁的刘家俊正在准备高中三年级的物理课上的高考,并暗中希望能在高中结束前体验早恋的滋味。

When these literary youths lamented the end of summer, "Sprout" sent out invitations to co-host the competition to key universities across the country. East China Normal University first responded that their liberal arts base classes could recruit students for rewards, and then Nankai, Xiamen University, Nanjing University, and Shandong University also expressed their support, and finally Peking University also made a decision.


Subsequently, the first issue of "Sprout" magazine in 1999 published a proposal for the "New Concept Composition Competition". The competition will be based on "new thinking, new expression, and true experience, but also the humanity and aesthetics of Chinese teaching. road".


Two months later, the contest received more than 4,000 submissions.


The selection of judges for the first new concept essay contest is luxurious. There are not only well-known writers from many generations, such as Yu Hua, Su Tong, Chen Cun, Tie Ning, Fang Fang, Ma Yuan, Ye Zhaoyan, Han Shaogong, and Sun Ganlu. Professor of University Literature Department.


After becoming judges, these writers have a question in their minds: "Let's comment on articles written by middle school students, is it reliable?" The director general of the competition, Li Qigang, also prepared for the worst. He and the editor-in-chief Zhao Changtian had seen teachers in the middle school before. Recommended excellent essays, "They are all essays written for the college entrance examination. There are too many fake things in the essay."


If there are no articles of true temperament submitted for the contest, "the last one may not be a decent manuscript." If so, then the first edition of the new concept can only be the last one.


Soon, Li Qigang's worries disappeared from the excellent submissions in the preliminary contest, and even the writers and judges were amazed. For example, Han Han's two preliminary articles "Bookstore" and "Seeking Doctor" were sophisticated and sharp.


In order to verify the true level of the authors, on March 27, 1999, the semi-finals of the New Concept Composition Contest was held in Shanghai. All shortlisted authors have to go to the Shanghai examination room to write on-site.


It was Saturday, and 134 finalists from all over the country gathered in Shanghai Nanyang Model Middle School. At half past one in the afternoon, the exam officially began. The invigilator in each exam room took out an apple from his pocket, then took a bite and put it on the chair. This is the question of the rematch-a bite-bite apple.


Han Han, who impressed the judges, did not receive the notice of the rematch. The editor called him temporarily that day, and he came from the suburbs and wrote "Peeping People in the Cup" in more than an hour. That was the subject that Li Qigang gave him alone—a ball of paper was stuffed into half a cup of water.


This quoted essay has a total of 1,200 words. Han Han mentioned two of his favorite authors, Qian Zhongshu and Li Ao, and won the first prize in the first competition.


On the second day of the semi-finals, the judges began to judge the awards at Shanghai Pine City Hotel. An article titled "Tokyo Love Story" made Tie Ning praised again and again. The author of this article was a junior high school student Ding Yan, but after reading it, the writers couldn’t believe that such a gentle text came from a 14-five-year-old junior high school student. .

在准决赛的第二天,评委们开始在上海松城饭店评奖。铁凝的文章标题为“东京爱情故事”,一次又一次受到称赞。本文的作者是一名初中生丁艳,但在阅读后,作者无法相信这么温柔的文字来自14岁的初中学生。 。

Ye Zhaoyan could not help but walk over. "Let me see, I edited Zhang Ailing's book." Ye Zhaoyan came from a literary family, and his grandfather was a literary master Ye Shengtao. He started writing in the 1980s, when he had just published the novel "Love in 1937".

叶兆言忍不住走了过去。 “让我看看,我编辑了张爱玲的书。”叶兆言来自一个文学世家,他的祖父是文学大师叶圣陶。他从1980年代开始写作,当时他刚刚出版了小说《 1937年的爱情》。

However, even a first-line writer like Ye Zhaoyan, who was an editor, could not determine whether it was written by a junior high school student after reading Ding Yan's article, so he had to pull out Ding Yan's semi-final work and see what happened:


After reading, Ye Zhaoyan no longer doubted, he held up his pen and wrote a long comment for the junior high school student:


When Ye Zhaoyan sighed, the writer Fang Fang couldn’t help but read out aloud the article he was reviewing-"The Code in the Wind". Its author was Liu Lina, a senior high school student in Nanjing No. 12 Middle School. This is a story about the mister. In the story of life love, the sun shines on the smiling face of the biology teacher, and the author sighs in his heart, "The smile is so transparent that it is almost dazzling."


This article surprised several female writers. They circulated each other and read aloud the author's rebellious sentences, and were surprised by the delicate and clean brushwork of the high school girl. Fang Fang, the representative writer of "New Realism", gave this comment:

这篇文章使几位女作家感到惊讶。他们互相传阅,大声朗读了作者的叛逆句子,并为高中女生精致细腻的笔法感到惊讶。 “新现实主义”的代表作家方芳对此评论:

The compliments of the writers come from the heart, they really want to find talents for the literary world, and even do not hesitate to argue about it. Yu Hua stood up for an article that scored two points:


He took the test paper and walked to the teacher who scored two points and looked at each other firmly. "Tell me, why did you score two points." The reviewing teacher didn't dare to look at Yu Hua's eyes and said, "It's off topic."

他拿了试卷,走到老师拿下2分并坚决地看着对方的老师。 “告诉我,你为什么得两分。”复习老师不敢看余华的眼睛,说:“没话题了。”

Yu Hua didn't speak, he showed it to Li Qigang. The latter didn't think he had digressed. Yu Hua looked at the examination paper and said, "Then what do you say, this wonderful kid." Finally, this article was awarded.


The first new concept essay contest was fruitful. Seven first prize winners were admitted by Peking University, Nankai and other prestigious universities without examination. Han Han was only in the first year of high school and passed by Fudan University. The admissions teacher told him that when you take the college entrance examination, you must fill in Fudan as your first choice.


The great attraction of a famous school in an essay made the new concept essay contest a hit. Many newspapers made special reports, calling the new concept contest the most fresh and impactful one in the literary world at the end of the century. , The most socially influential activities.

一所著名学校在论文中的巨大吸引力使新概念论文竞赛大获成功。许多报纸都发表了特别报道,称新概念竞赛是本世纪末文学界最新鲜,影响最大的竞赛。 ,最具社会影响力的活动。

The popularity of the competition also made "Sprout" expensive in Luoyang for a while, and its sales increased greatly. The publication of the winners' anthology made countless middle school students' eyes widened. Many people secretly made up their minds that one day their essays will be posted on it.


In the following new concepts, many promising young authors emerged, such as Zhou Jianing in the second session, Guo Jingming and Zhang Yueran in the third session, and Hao Jingfang in the fourth session.


However, the premature fame has left many talented children lost in the market. The remuneration and royalties continue to increase, but the spirit and thinking are still in place and even backward.


That year, it was a pity that the editor called Chen Sihe, a professor at Fudan University, who did not come to take the re-examination, Han Han.


After Han Han and Guo Jingming became phenomenal idols, the winners of the New Concept Contest were also regarded as rising stars in the literary world. The works written by "Sprout" went straight to major publishing houses, and the market only cared about interests. It never thought about it. After the twenty-year-old author has exhausted his youthful sorrow, what else can he express?

在韩寒和郭敬明成为惊人的偶像之后,新概念竞赛的获胜者也被视为文学界的后起之秀。 “新芽”(Sprout)所写的作品直接进入了主要出版社,而市场只关心利益。它从未想过。在二十岁的作者用尽青春的悲伤之后,他还能表达什么?

The third first prize winner Gan Shijia debuted from a new concept and became a gold medalist and a cutting-edge screenwriter. While writing lyrics for Xue Zhiqian, he also wrote the hot web drama "Love Apartment".


A year ago, a netizen who likes Hong Kong and Taiwan music wrote an article "Gan Shijia | A stalk of fusion over the past ten years, can you be proud of it without regrets?" "Lin Xi, Huang Weiwen and Zhang Xuan, whom he has "learned" from, someone said in the following comment: "Do you bully mainland fans and not listen to Cantonese songs?"

一年前,一个喜欢香港和台湾音乐的网民写了一篇文章“甘世佳|十年来融合的茎,你能为此感到自豪而没有后悔吗?” “他从中学到的林熙,黄伟文和张璇,有人在以下评论中说:“你欺负大陆粉丝,不听粤语吗?”

It is also embarrassing that Li Haiyang, the winner of the 6th New Concept First Prize, once wrote the school novel "Juvenile Chabiliang Hurting Incident", which is a thought-provoking campus novel. Peking University professor Cao Wenxuan sighed after reading it, "Not convinced."


However, after leaving the campus theme, Li Haiyang’s online novels "The Lost World" and "The City of Bronze" were all pointed out by netizens as suspected of plagiarism. Some readers reluctantly commented: "Guo Si has a successor."


Justin Sun, who won the first prize of the ninth session, had a legendary experience. He hadn't even made the preliminary rounds for three consecutive times, and then he simply stopped going to college through the new concept. In the ninth session, he didn’t want to leave any regrets. He took out the three articles that he had voted in the eighth session and mailed it. Unexpectedly, he was shortlisted, and finally won the first prize with the semi-final "Farth from Here" , Got extra points from Peking University.

获得第九届一等奖的贾斯汀·孙(Justin Sun)拥有传奇般的经历。他甚至没有连续三​​次进行初赛,然后他只是停止通过新概念上大学。在第九届会议上,他不想留下任何遗憾。他拿出了在第八届会议上投票通过的三篇文章,并邮寄了出去。出乎意料的是,他入围了决赛,并最终以半决赛“ Farth from Here”获得了第一名,获得了北京大学的加分。

Later, Justin Sun founded a publication while studying in the United States, but was criticized for suspected plagiarism, and after frustration, he became the current entrepreneurial star in the currency circle. Buffett’s lunch was also photographed this year, but has not yet been able to make the appointment.

后来,贾斯汀·孙(Justin Sun)在美国学习期间创立了一家刊物,但因涉嫌窃而受到批评,无奈之后,他成为当时货币界的创业明星。巴菲特的午餐也曾在今年拍摄过,但仍无法预约。

Last month, another author who debuted from the new concept and "Sprout" was searched for because of plagiarism. She was Zhang Xiaohan, the author of "Queen Joan". After the argument about "Parasite" and the toilet, netizens collected her. Evidence of plagiarism from Sanger's novel. After a noise, the post-90s writer chose to be silent.

上个月,又因抄袭而搜寻了另一位从新概念和“ Sprout”首次亮相的作者。她是《琼·琼》的作者张小涵。在争论了“ Parasite”和厕所之后,网民们将她收集起来。桑格小说的of窃证据。吵闹之后,90年代后的作家选择保持沉默。

One year after the awards were distributed, the editor-in-chief of "Sprout" gathered more than forty winners to talk.


In 2005, "Sprout" held the first literary intergenerational communication forum, with the purpose of allowing senior writers like Ge Fei and Yu Hua to have a dialogue with younger writers born in the 1980s and understand what young people who are the heirs of literature are thinking.


Guo Jingming, who was supposed to be the center of the discussion, left without sitting long, leaving Zhang Yueran, Zhou Jianing, etc. and his predecessors talking and talking. Some writers said at the meeting that the post-80s authors entered the market but did not enter the literary world. Although their works are popular, their literary value is very low. Zhang Yueran replied:


Han Han did not go because he was participating in a racing competition abroad. A year later, he wrote in a scolding war with the poet Bai Hua: "The literary world is a fart, no one can pretend to be forced. The Mao Dun Literature Award is a fart, and a pure literary journal is a fart, that is, one hundred people masturbate, one hundred People watch."


The scolding wars of the year attracted a lot of criticism, but today, who else would fight for a blushing neck for the literary world. IP and hot styles have become the golden thread to measure all content. Young people who are interested in literature after the 1990s and Zero Zeros grew up watching new concept compositions, but the latter’s award-winning essays became thicker and more worthy of articles. The less come.

当年的激烈战争引起了很多批评,但是今天,还有谁会为文学界争光的脖子而战。 IP和热门样式已成为衡量所有内容的金线。在1990年代和“零零”之后对文学感兴趣的年轻人长大了,观看了新的概念作品,但是后者的获奖论文变得更浓密,更有价值。少来。

In May of this year, the New Concept Composition Contest issued the twenty-second essay solicitation, advocating the "new thinking, new expression, and true experience" that has persisted for 20 years. A few months later, on the balcony on the second floor of the "Sprout" magazine at No. 675 Julu Road, Shanghai, there were still tens of thousands of submissions for the preliminary contest as high as a hill.


There is a problem on Zhihu:


In the answer, what many people miss is not the award, but the days on the road for literature and dreams. Because of the reimbursement of hard-seat tickets, many children who have never entered the city have the first opportunity to get out of their hometown. They came to the big city of Shanghai with a pen. "The touching meeting of peers.

答案是,许多人错过的不是奖项,而是文学和梦想之路的日子。由于硬座票的报销,许多从未进入过这座城市的儿童有第一个机会离开家乡。他们用笔来到了上海。 “同龄人的感动。

In the third year, Gao Manhang, a middle school student in Fuping County, Shaanxi, was given the opportunity to take the test again, but his father said that he would not be allowed to go. In the end, the school teacher came forward to persuade him, and his father raised several hundred yuan in travel expenses. It was dark when I arrived in Shanghai, and the aunt in the guest house heard that he was here to participate in the new concept, and she reached out to encourage him: "You will be Han Han from now on."


In the mid-to-late 1990s, Chinese people were busy going to sea to do business. Even writers were no exception. Zhang Xianliang went to Ningxia to invest in the film and television city. Mo Yan couldn't help "tempting" and wrote a TV series with a remuneration of 15 thousand.


In terms of commercial results, Han Han and Guo Jingming are far ahead of their predecessors, but expecting them to regain their youthful spirit in the new concept period is an extravagant hope.


Back in the autumn of 1998, Han Han of Grade One (7) often looked at the triple door of the three teaching buildings outside the door in a daze. The buddies found that he was writing a novel. After each chapter, they were the first. Batch readers.


In the eyes of his classmates, Han Han was not a genius born out of nowhere, but just an ordinary high school student who kept reading idle books.


In the 2005 forum, the post-sixty avant-garde writer Ge Fei asked the opposite group of new concept writers: "The current development of Chinese society has never appeared in human history. Our age should be worshipped by Flaubert. , Dickens, Stendhal, and even writers who wrote such great works as "The Golden Lotus". But no, why."


It may be because the road is too close. Both "Sprout" and "Harvest" are in the small courtyard of the Shanghai Writers Association, and they can usually be seen each other by the door.

可能是因为路太近了。 “新芽”和“收获”都在上海作协的小院子里,通常可以在门口看到。

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