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  According to the plan, the national men's football team will participate in a new training session in Shanghai from October 4th to 9th. Despite the impact of objective factors such as the epidemic, the team cannot conduct a formal warm-up match in this training session. But in the 6-day training camp, the team’s schedule is full. In addition to one outdoor technical and tactical training class a day, the international players will also "compensate" their business knowledge in this training session.


   The Chinese Football Association's special referee lecturer Tao Rancheng and the Association's senior lecturer in the technical department will combine current international football related fields to "answer questions" and instill the most advanced technical and tactical concepts for the international football players. In addition, considering that the internationals have just gone through a long and closed first-stage competition in the Super League, they are generally exhausted physically and mentally. Therefore, while requiring the whole team to go all out to train hard, the Chinese Football Association also arranged "after-school activities" such as watching the movie "Win the Championship" for the whole team.


   According to the training notice issued by the Chinese Football Association, the 28 international players participating in the new national men's football training session will arrive at the team's hotel in Minhang District, Shanghai before 12 noon on the 4th.


   The notice shows that the new Shanghai National Football Training Camp started on the 4th of this month and ended on the 9th, with a time span of 6 days. According to the plan of head coach Li Tie, the team will participate in one outdoor training class every day for six days. In view of the fact that the international footballers have just gone through the relatively hard competition in the first stage of the Super League, this period of national football training will not arrange high-intensity training such as "two exercises a day and three exercises a day", but attaches great importance to "combination of work and rest" to ensure Training quality, while protecting the players' bodies.


   It is understood that, except for the outdoor training on the 4th, which is scheduled in the afternoon of the same day, the outdoor training for the other 5 days is scheduled in the morning. So what arrangements will the team make for the rest of the afternoon?


   Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter learned on the 3rd. The schedule of this national football training camp is particularly tight. In addition to the necessary technical and tactical outdoor training, the coaching staff also pays special attention to the study of players' business theory. The mastery and understanding of the latest international football refereeing rules and the absorption of the most advanced technical and tactical concepts have become the two key parts of the theoretical study of the national football training.


   On the 4th, Liu Tiejun, the deputy head of the refereeing department of the Chinese Football Association, will be stationed in the National Football Association to prepare for the battle, and with him is an old man in the domestic refereeing circle-the former international referee Tao Rancheng from Shanghai. The latter is currently one of the members of the special referee lecturer team of the Chinese Football Association. The purpose of his coming to the national football team is to combine the latest essentials of today's international football penalty rules and some classic penalty cases, to give the international players a lesson on "penalty rules". The specific teaching time is the afternoon of the 5th.


   The start of the class was not a temporary intention by the national football coaching staff, but the head coach Li Tie made a special "study application" to the referee department of the Chinese Football Association in combination with some practical problems discovered during the inspection of the Chinese Super League. It is reported that during the first stage of the Chinese Super League, some of the penalties caused huge controversy. This aspect is related to the mistakes and omissions of individual referees. On the other hand, some players and coaches who are the protagonists of the competition lack a correct understanding and grasp of the penalty rules, especially the newly updated penalty rules of FIFA, which has caused misunderstandings. Liu Tiejun and Tao Rancheng went to the national football team to "answer questions and solve puzzles" in this regard, so as to avoid the national football team from suffering losses due to penalty issues in major competitions such as future world preliminaries.


   In addition to inviting Liu Tiejun and Tao Rancheng, the National Football Association will also specially invite senior experts from the Technical Department of the Chinese Football Association to give the international footballers a theoretical lesson on "advanced and tactical concept instillation" on the afternoon of the 8th. Affected by the unprecedented closeness of the Super League schedule, it is difficult for the internationals to spare time to participate in similar business studies. The combination of theory and practice is actually beneficial to improving the quality and efficiency of the national football training camp.

除了邀请刘铁军和陶然成,美国国家足球协会还将特别邀请中国足球协会技术部的高级专家在下午为国际足球运动员提供有关“先进和战术概念灌输”的理论课。 8号受超级联赛赛程空前的影响,国际球员很难抽出时间参加类似的商业研究。理论与实践的结合实际上对提高国家足球训练营的质量和效率是有益的。

   During the Shanghai training camp, the national football team still had to strictly observe various epidemic prevention regulations, but their life after training was not boring. According to the plan, the whole team will visit the Shanghai SIPG Club of the Super League on the 6th afternoon.


Beijing headline reporter Xiao Nan

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