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Last night, Ibrahimovic claimed to have recovered from the new crown virus infection. It is worth mentioning that the domineering "God" is also accompanied by the topic of "Fak New Crown". At the same time as the domineering reorganization, Ibrahimovic who has recovered his health will also prepare for the next stage of the game.

昨晚,易卜拉欣莫维奇声称已从新的冠状病毒感染中康复。值得一提的是,霸气十足的“上帝”还伴随着“ Fak New Crown”主题。在进行霸气的重组的同时,已经恢复健康的易卜拉欣莫维奇也将为比赛的下一个阶段做准备。

In the South American World Preliminary held yesterday morning, with Messi's point shot, Argentina beat Ecuador and ushered in a victory.


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On the evening of the 9th, Milan star Ibrahimovic announced on social platforms that he had defeated the new crown.


At 08:30 on October 9th, Beijing time, in the first round of the South American group stage of the World Preliminary, Argentina played at home against Ecuador. In the first half, Ocampos made a point, Messi shot to win, and continued to join Suarez as the best scorer in the history of the South American World Cup. In the second half, Ocampos was thrown into an unmarked push. In the end, Argentina beat Ecuador 1-0 at home to welcome a good start.


Recently, the German transfer market website updated the value of La Liga players. Real Madrid star Hazard’s value fell again by 20 million euros, the largest drop among La Liga players. The latest value of the Belgian international is 60 million euros. Since joining Real Madrid last summer, his value has shrunk by 90 million euros.


According to the "Milan Sport Edition" report, due to the infection of two Juventus staff, the Turin Health Bureau banned Juventus players from returning to the national team. Ronaldo was furious and left the isolation hotel without authorization.


Argentina defeated Ecuador 1-0 in the first game of the world preliminaries to get a good start, and Messi scored the winning penalty. After the game, the Spanish media discovered a small detail in the game.


During the epidemic period, it has made great contributions to poor children in Britain and children's food security. Rashford was awarded the British MBE Medal.


According to the "Herald" report, in response to Barcelona's complaint to the Spanish National Guard about forged ballots in the impeachment of Bartomeu, the National Guard said they had found a machine suspected of forging signatures.


According to a report by the Saudi media Saudileague, Teixeira failed to transfer to Riyadh Crescent because Jiangsu Suning was waiting for his naturalization result.


Jiang Guangtai, who was selected for the national football training camp, said in an interview: "Mom is proud of me being selected for the Chinese team. She wants to watch me enter the game as soon as possible."


On October 9th, Beijing time, the AFC officially announced that the East Asian region competition this season will be held in Doha, Qatar from November 18th to December 13th.


On October 9th, Beijing time, the Chinese National Men's Football Team ended a six-day training camp in Shanghai and took a family portrait of the national team this time to express gratitude to the players, coaches and staff who participated in the training camp.


Football speech


In an interview with ESPN, Suarez said that his close relationship with Messi may be an important reason for Barcelona's top management to force him to leave the team.


Oyar said in an interview with the media that although he did not join Arsenal, he did not regret it.


Early this Sunday morning Beijing time, Spain will face Switzerland in the European League. Coach Enrique introduced the team's situation at the pre-match conference.


In a live chat with comedian Elmazi, Tevez talked about the difficult life of his first arrival in England.


Suarez is a famous player who loves his family and he has a good relationship with his wife. Recently, he also shared a photo with his beloved wife to show a wave of love.


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