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In the 14th round of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League, Bi Jinhao scored twice and led Shenhua to lock the tickets for the championship group. The continued phenomenon of "Peng Bi Shenhui" deeply reflects the effect of Cui Kangxi's kneading of the team; high center Malkang continued offensive firepower, Guoan Fernando is also further proving himself. The following is the 14th round of the Chinese Super League team (3-4-3) selected by Sina Sports——

在2020年中国超级联赛第一阶段的第14轮中,毕金浩得分两次,带领申花lol赛事投注锁定了冠军组的门票。 “彭笔神辉”的持续现象深刻反映了崔康熙对团队的揉捏效果。高中锋马冈持续不断的进攻火力,国安费尔南多也进一步证明了自己。以下是新浪体育评选的中国超级联赛第十四轮(3-4-3)-



   Malcon expanded his consecutive goals to 6 games! In the match against Huanghai Qinggang, he took 5 shots and 3 shots on the goal goal. He scored 2 goals that highlighted the ability of a powerful center. This season, Malcon’s number of goals has increased to 11 goals.


   Bi Jinhao’s striker feeling continues to improve. In the match against Jianye, he took 5 shots to support Shenhua’s attack line (9 times for the team), shot the goal 4 times and scored 2 goals. He also sent threatening passes.


   Zhang Yuning further demonstrated his ability to pull sides and pass the ball in the match against Yongchang, and sent assists to Fernando and Bacambu respectively. He broke three times and fouled his opponent twice.




In the 2018 season, Gao Huaze showed himself with 2 goals in the Super League. He has not many chances to play this season. This round against Huanghai Qinggang is his only start in the first stage. He scored wonderful goals with consecutive breakthroughs. In the game, threatening passes were also sent.


Wakaso’s running and actual coverage effects are very prominent in the Super League at this stage. In Suning’s victory over Kaisa, he made 4 clearances, 3 blocks, and 2 interceptions. The number of times he took the ball in the offense was compared with Te Xie. Pulling tied for Suning the most, 4 times fouled opponents.


Fernando continued to prove the possibility of replacing Augusto. In the match against Yongchang, he scored 2 goals with two perimeter pushes, and passed 111 times in the whole game, which is more like Augusto. 3 steals and 2 interceptions.

费尔南多继续证明有可能取代奥古斯托。在与永昌的比赛中,他通过两次外线得分打入2球,并在整场比赛中通过了111次,这更像是奥古斯托。 3次抢断和2次拦截。

   In the situation where Shenhua's local players are actively taking the lead, Zhao Mingjian has also made continuous contributions. In the game against Jianye, he played a role in leading the side attack through crosses and breakthroughs, which directly affected the trend of the game.



   Yuan Mincheng header scored the decisive goal of Dangdai's victory over SIPG. Dangdai has thus drawn an ideal end to the first stage with 6 consecutive victories. This is Yuan Mincheng's 4th Super League goal.


Among the various combinations of Evergrande’s defense line arrangement, Park Zhizhu’s position remained almost unchanged. He once again assumed the task of leading a new line of defense in the first battle against Dalian. He made 7 clearances and 4 steals, shooting and passing the opponent. Blocking has been done, highlighting the ability to handle the ball in key positions.


Corresponding to Park Ji-soo’s stable role, Wu Shaocong, who was only 20 years old, played in the 4th Super League match against Dalian. He gave an impressive performance with 6 clearances and 5 interceptions, especially in Tonglong Dong demonstrated his ability in the confrontation.




This season, Gu Chao made serious mistakes and once lost the main goalkeeper position. He came back through actual performance. He played steadily in the second half of the first stage. In the game against Kaisa, he made 3 saves and helped the team overcome the second half. Reap the victory by playing more with less.






With 4 goals in 4 games, Bi Jinhao, who returned to the striker position, became an important pillar for Shenhua to get tickets to the championship group. It also led to the most heated topic in the entire Chinese Super League in the second half of the first stage. His performance was due to Where did it come from? With a forward background, the team needs to employ people and effectively execute skills and tactics around him. It is very likely that Bi Jinhao also drew nourishment from his defensive foreign attackers in the previous period when he played the main guard position. The Chinese Super League needs such a local highlight.




Unconsciously, "Peng Bi Shenhui" has become the most popular new vocabulary in the Chinese Super League. This obviously summarizes the content of Cui Kangxi's combination of Shenhua local players and grabbing tickets for the championship group. Bi Jinhao kept scoring goals and gave him consecutive assists. Peng Xinli replaced foreign aid as the point of offensive instigation. Combined with the joint efforts of other players, Shenhua proved himself in a “generally dependent on foreign aid” situation in the Super League. Cui Kangxi's remarks about "local players have to take responsibility" deserve serious experience.




   Contemporary wins SIPG again, ending the first stage of the event with 6 consecutive victories. With this performance, “contemporary foreign aid” has further become the focus of this season’s Super League. At the beginning of the season, foreign aid was unable to compete due to isolation. In the first stage, foreign aid promoted the team’s strong rise. Of course, it also includes the fact that the team will be in various situations. The situation of renting foreign aid in the championship group stage is also directly related to the team's outstanding performance. In the seemingly clear division of seats between the championship and relegation groups, Dangdai became the team that gave surprises.




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